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Amazon manages to turn $15.7bn in sales into a $7m loss

Forecasts multi-million dollar loss in third quarter

Fri Jul 26 2013, 11:28

Bitcasa launches 'unlimited' Infinite Drive service in the UK

Pay to access your data anywhere

Wed Jul 24 2013, 14:02

ARM works with Oracle to optimise Java for ARMv8 architecture

To improve performance and power efficiency

Tue Jul 23 2013, 11:08

Google updates Chrome app for faster page loading on iPad and iPhone

Brings better integration with other Google apps such as Maps and Drive

Thu Jul 18 2013, 11:15

Targeted attack on European government agencies steals Microsoft login data

Takes advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Office

Tue Jul 16 2013, 12:31

Fox, NBC and Disney keep Hulu for themselves

Will inject $750m to compete with Amazon and Netflix

Mon Jul 15 2013, 15:30

Raspberry Pi and Spotify are powering Volvo’s Twitter Jukebox

Allows people to tweet songs to be played at the Goodwood festival

Fri Jul 12 2013, 13:46

Microsoft announces a major company reorganisation

To innovate faster around OS, Apps, Cloud, and Devices

Thu Jul 11 2013, 16:35

iOS 7 hands-on first impressions

We take a look around Apple's upcoming and controversial iOS update

Wed Jul 10 2013, 13:26

Rockstar releases first gameplay footage of GTA V

Details intelligent in-game mechanics of the three featured protagonists

Tue Jul 09 2013, 17:30

Suse releases Suse Enterprise Linux 11 service pack 3 with improved virtualisation support

High availability extension also gets an update

Tue Jul 09 2013, 12:15

AMD joins The Document Foundation to push GPU acceleration in Libre Office

Preparing software support ahead of Kaveri

Thu Jul 04 2013, 11:34

Activision announces Call of Duty: Ghosts preorder bonus

Earlybird gamers will be rewarded with Free Fall multiplayer map

Tue Jul 02 2013, 16:46

Facebook plans a beta testing programme for its Android smartphone users

Users will help improve the app before general release

Fri Jun 28 2013, 11:11

Oracle announces nine year collaboration with rival Salesforce

Will bring CRM software to its cloud while providing database and Linux support

Wed Jun 26 2013, 15:22

European Commission foresees €1.1bn savings from open standards

Vendor lock-in to be locked out

Tue Jun 25 2013, 15:45

FreeBSD turns 20 years old

Still has the power to serve

Mon Jun 24 2013, 13:32

Met Office shows some open source love for space weather project

Weather forecasters prefer crowdsourced software

Thu Jul 25 2013, 15:06

Quark Xpress 10 launches with an updated graphics engine and Retina display support

Overhauled user interface brings a more modern look

Wed Jul 24 2013, 10:52

Mozilla moves Firefox OS to rapid release schedule

Joins web browser cadence

Mon Jul 22 2013, 13:05

Yahoo sees profits rise after last year's restructuring costs

Spending spree cuts cash reserve in half

Wed Jul 17 2013, 13:23

VMware sells Zimbra messaging suite to Telligent

Future of open source edition is up in the air

Tue Jul 16 2013, 12:15

ICO fines NHS Surrey £200,000 for patient records breach

PCs sold on auction website held records

Mon Jul 15 2013, 13:49

Twitter video app Vine is coming to Windows Phone 8

Still no word on Instagram

Fri Jul 12 2013, 11:25

Instagram adds embed codes to video and images

More cat pictures and hipster selfies everywhere

Thu Jul 11 2013, 12:15

Google gives Android Maps app an overhaul

Its discovery and navigation features will be coming soon to iOS devices

Wed Jul 10 2013, 11:45

UK air traffic control technical problems limit aircraft movements

Cause delays for travellers

Tue Jul 09 2013, 15:50

Kim Dotcom launches an Android app for Mega

Other operating systems to follow

Fri Jul 05 2013, 16:10

Red Hat releases Fedora 19 with 3D printing support

Makes the jump away from Oracle's MySQL

Wed Jul 03 2013, 13:36

Microsoft launches web based Xbox Music to challenge Spotify

Browser version available only for Xbox Music Pass subscribers

Mon Jul 01 2013, 12:25

Internet Hall of Fame 2013 inductees include Aaron Swartz, Jimmy Wales and Bob Metcalfe

Activists and engineers honoured

Thu Jun 27 2013, 15:05

Mozilla releases Firefox 22 touting WebGL and WebRTC support

Foundations for a very rich web

Wed Jun 26 2013, 14:10

Apple looks to settle 23 million in-app purchase cases

Disgruntled punters offered satisfaction

Tue Jun 25 2013, 14:15

Foxconn to hire 3,000 for Firefox OS research

Further support for Mozilla's operating system

Fri Jun 21 2013, 15:06

Facebook sees revenues surge by 53 percent as it cracks mobile adverts

Starts to calm investors' fears

Thu Jul 25 2013, 11:23

SkySQL brings atomic writes to MariaDB for Fusion IO arrays

Should improve write endurance

Tue Jul 23 2013, 13:31

Google rolls out Maps 2.0 for iOS with support for iPad

Brings indoor mapping to Apple gadgets

Wed Jul 17 2013, 11:09

Apple is in talks to buy Microsoft Kinect sensor creator Primesense

Updated Reportedly offered $280m for the company

Tue Jul 16 2013, 11:45

Firefox wants a thunderclap to lead OS release

Thunderclap, hoooo

Mon Jul 15 2013, 10:38

US SEC lifts restrictions on startups advertising for funds

Tries to increase transparency

Thu Jul 11 2013, 17:05

France gives free software priority in higher education

Hopes widespread support will follow

Wed Jul 10 2013, 16:46

Intel and Samsung offer app developers $200,000 prize to develop Tizen apps

Still might not be enough

Wed Jul 10 2013, 11:22

Xen Project 4.3 release will support ARMv8 processors

Software support for ARM's upcoming chips grows

Tue Jul 09 2013, 13:28

Android 'master key' flaw leaves 99 percent of Google devices open to attack

Hackers could cause havoc if exploited, warns Bluebox Security

Thu Jul 04 2013, 15:10

Opera Software releases Webkit based Opera 15 web browser

Will continue to support Opera 12 users

Wed Jul 03 2013, 10:42

Facebook pays a $20,000 bug bounty for an account hijacking flaw

Social network fixes the SMS account vulnerability

Fri Jun 28 2013, 13:50

Microsoft Windows 8.1 will support 3D printing

The update will make 3D object production ‘as easy as writing a document in Word’

Thu Jun 27 2013, 14:40

Citrix launches open source Xen Server 6.2

Touts Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support

Tue Jun 25 2013, 17:16

Citrix co-founder Edward Iacobucci dies at the age of 59

Serial entrepreneur that saw big data coming

Mon Jun 24 2013, 14:33
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