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Freshly harvested Raspberry Pi Model A+ hits stores

Yours for around £15

Mon Nov 10 2014, 12:49

Hardkernel cancels Raspberry Pi-like Odroid W after Broadcom stops supplying SoC

Meanwhile the Pi foundation updates the Epiphany browser

Mon Sep 01 2014, 17:26

Raspberry Pi Model B+ arrives with four USB ports, microSD slot

Freshly baked, hot from the kitchen

Mon Jul 14 2014, 09:24

Linux engineer builds Raspberry Pi-based Piphone for $158

Device is built completely from off the shelf components

Fri Apr 25 2014, 15:48

Raspberry Pi pays $10k to Quake 3 porting punter

Welcome to the arena

Mon Mar 31 2014, 16:06

Raspberry Pi closes in on 2.3 million sales

Rush on hobbyist computer

Mon Dec 23 2013, 15:53

Kano Raspberry Pi kit doubles Kickstarter target in two days

Supposedly as simple as Lego

Thu Nov 21 2013, 09:44

Raspberry Pi Foundation shows off gold hardware case from Sony

Exclusive Shiny, happy people

Fri Oct 11 2013, 13:01

Raspberry Pi picked to save the endangered rhino

Kenyan animals get a virtual safety net

Tue Sep 10 2013, 09:56

Element14 opens a Raspberry Pi project portal

Also selling an 8GB Raspberry Pi starter kit

Mon Aug 12 2013, 11:51

Raspberry Pi creator picks up Royal Society of Engineering Silver Medal

Eben Upton gets a well deserved gong

Wed Jun 26 2013, 15:02

Raspberry Pi camera module goes on sale

Manufacturers are accepting orders

Tue May 14 2013, 14:39

Sony Factory makes its 500,000th Raspberry Pi in Wales

40,000 a week

Thu Apr 11 2013, 16:41

More Raspberry Pis to be made in UK as RS Components moves to Sony Wales plant

Follows Premier Farnell's example

Tue Mar 19 2013, 13:06

Raspberry Pi Foundation gets hit by a DDoS attack

Attacked by a million node botnet

Wed Mar 06 2013, 17:48

Minecraft breaks through on Raspberry Pi

Pick up a pick axe

Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:21

Computer Science added to the English Baccalaureate

Search begins for the next Alan Turing

Thu Jan 31 2013, 09:51

Raspberry Pi-flavoured iBox Nano printer hits its Kickstarter target

Let any number of tiny self-printed things bloom

Thu Nov 06 2014, 16:36

Raspberry Pi Model B+ review

An updated offering with more I/O and more compact design

Wed Jul 30 2014, 08:30

Raspberry Pi sales hit three million milestone

Who ate all the Pis?

Wed Jun 11 2014, 14:52

Raspberry Pi prepares industrial compute module for makers

Will be out in June

Mon Apr 07 2014, 15:11

Nvidia takes on Raspberry Pi with the Jetson TK1 mini supercomputer

Will power Audi’s self-driving cars

Wed Mar 26 2014, 14:04

Raspberry Pi Foundation is giving away 2,000 units to coding kids

Post in your Pi posters

Wed Dec 11 2013, 15:14

Raspberry Pi HDMI monitor shatters initial goal on Kickstarter

Blowing Raspberries up in size

Mon Nov 04 2013, 13:17

One million Raspberry Pis have been made in the UK

Over one and three quarter million units sold

Tue Oct 08 2013, 11:54

Raspberry Pi bear to take on Felix Baumgartner’s space jump

Will fall from 39,000 metres

Fri Aug 23 2013, 15:12

Nvidia explains how to build a Raspberry Pi server cluster

Made with five separate Raspberry Pi computers... and Lego

Tue Jul 23 2013, 09:30

Raspberry Pi pops up in BBC bird box

Springwatch adopts chicks and pocket computer

Thu Jun 06 2013, 12:53

Raspberry Pi powered beer keg pours a pint hands-free [Video]

We check out Robokeg in action in New York City

Wed May 08 2013, 17:10

A DOS Emulator tips up for the Raspberry Pi

Play Doom just like in the old days

Tue Mar 26 2013, 15:50

Premier Farnell brings 100 percent of Raspberry Pi production to the UK

No horsemeat guaranteed

Fri Mar 15 2013, 12:29

Raspberry Pi cameras are up for grabs

Reach for the skies to win prototypes

Wed Mar 06 2013, 16:08

Raspberry Pi shows off a camera

Hardware sorted, picture needs work

Thu Feb 07 2013, 08:57

Google is giving 15,000 school children a free Raspberry Pi

Looking to inspire a generation of coders

Tue Jan 29 2013, 15:06

Raspberry Pi-powered Pi-Top 3D printed laptop hits crowdfunding site Indiegogo

Reaches almost a quarter of funding goal in first 24 hours

Tue Oct 14 2014, 15:42

Raspberry Pi Model B+ vs Model B video

The foundation talks us through the key features of the updated device

Mon Jul 14 2014, 14:13

Adafruit bakers cook up Raspberry Pi eyewear to rival Google Glass

The battle of nose bridge is on

Wed May 07 2014, 16:01

Raspberry Pi offers £1m education charity fund

Will support a large range of projects

Thu Apr 03 2014, 15:02

CES: Rapiro's Raspberry Pi powered humanoid robot flexes its muscles

Takes title of cutest gadget at this year's Las Vegas technology show

Wed Jan 08 2014, 08:00

Raspberry Pi boosted with Wolfram mathematics

It all adds up

Fri Nov 22 2013, 10:32

Raspberry Pi Foundation shines a light on Pi Noir

Special kit for special circumstances

Fri Oct 18 2013, 14:52

The Dukepad is the Raspberry Pi based Linux tablet you build yourself

Necessity is the motherboard of invention

Thu Sep 26 2013, 13:23

Raspberry Pi used to make holographic Death Star

The Force is strong with POV globe

Mon Aug 12 2013, 16:42

Raspberry Pi and Spotify are powering Volvo’s Twitter Jukebox

Allows people to tweet songs to be played at the Goodwood festival

Fri Jul 12 2013, 13:46

Web based Raspberry Pi enabled claw game reaches out

The claw, it moves

Thu Jun 06 2013, 10:18

European Commission wants to shake up IT teaching

Schools should have level playing fields

Fri Apr 19 2013, 14:33

Alan Turing’s universal machine is voted most important British innovation

Science Museum rewards his work on ‘computable numbers’

Mon Mar 25 2013, 14:19

Raspberry Pi opens up on denial of service attacks

Interview The foundation's Liz Upton tells us who did what

Thu Mar 07 2013, 17:13

Raspberry Pi Foundation releases a limited edition blue collectors version

Behold the blue Raspberry Pi

Tue Mar 05 2013, 12:41

Raspberry Pi Model A goes on sale in Europe for just £19

Americans must wait

Mon Feb 04 2013, 12:56
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