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Net neutrality rules lie in tatters as FCC overruled

Verizon wins appeal paving way for tiered internet

Tue Jan 14 2014, 17:39

Late rush pushed up UK holiday sales

Merry Christmas, retailers

Fri Jan 10 2014, 16:17

Kanye West and Lily Allen spare some Bitcoin chat

One not keen on association, one regrets dissociation

Wed Jan 08 2014, 13:32

Pinterest ruled in breach of Pinterest trademark

English company successfully challenges use of its name

Mon Jan 06 2014, 16:35

Hackers claim a denial of service attack on Steam

Not a lot of hot air

Fri Jan 03 2014, 15:18

Government removal requests continue to grow, says Google

A 68 percent increase in requests over the last year

Fri Dec 20 2013, 15:26

Brit ISP content filters are misfiring blunt instruments

Porn filters couldn’t hit a bottom with a paddle

Thu Dec 19 2013, 15:40

Pay day loans spammer gets £175,000 fine

Sent millions of unwanted texts

Wed Dec 18 2013, 13:20

Ofcom outs BT, EE and Talktalk as most complained about networks

Updated Merry Christmas, Sky and Virgin Media

Tue Dec 17 2013, 12:35

Netflix says users gorge on series content

We’re gonna need a bigger sofa

Fri Dec 13 2013, 15:47

UK government sets out its ISP security practices wishlist

Wouldn’t it be nice

Thu Dec 12 2013, 16:40

Sugarsync ditches its free customers

They sync it's all over

Wed Dec 11 2013, 14:07

Spotify broke advertising rules with a saucy song suggestion

ASA rules that you can't say 'f**k you' in an email

Thu Dec 05 2013, 12:11

Spotify proudly admits it's paying a pittance to artists

Pays artists in fractions of pence

Tue Dec 03 2013, 17:33

Facebook shuns memes for community news

I can haz seriouz dizcorse

Tue Dec 03 2013, 14:26

Government moves to end nicked phone bill shocks

Also promises to eliminate roaming charges by 2016

Tue Dec 03 2013, 11:24

Court orders Yelp to unmask anonymous reviewers

Carpet blaggers to be exposed

Mon Jan 13 2014, 16:14

Yahoo finally encrypts its email servers

If you're using https and you know it clap your hands

Wed Jan 08 2014, 17:25

Sky updates its porn filter to unblock Torrentfreak

Internet filter wasn't perfect

Wed Jan 08 2014, 10:18

The Pirate Bay is working on a blockbusting web browser

Wants one in the eye for censorship

Mon Jan 06 2014, 16:09

Grey haired Facebook is losing yoof appeal

Says university professor

Thu Jan 02 2014, 14:06

UN moves in the direction of personal privacy

One in the eye for surveillance

Fri Dec 20 2013, 13:20

40 million Target accounts caught up in card hack

Retailer fesses to financial fumble

Thu Dec 19 2013, 14:34

Swedish uploader gets a $652,000 fine for one movie torrent

Rightsholder would have charged that for a licence

Wed Dec 18 2013, 11:19

NSA phone surveillance is likely unconstitutional

Definitely unpopular

Tue Dec 17 2013, 10:08

So long 2013, thanks for all the things

Column Perhaps we should be glad to see the back of it

Fri Dec 13 2013, 12:50

New York Attorney General wants answers on US telcos' kill switch refusal

You know it makes sense

Thu Dec 12 2013, 13:07

Microsoft beefs up account security

Adds three safety features

Tue Dec 10 2013, 15:56

Google smacks down dodgy French digital certificates

Zut e-flaws

Mon Dec 09 2013, 12:32

Twitter and Facebook users compromised in Pony malware attack

Two million social media accounts compromised

Thu Dec 05 2013, 10:06

Android devices have a strange list of filtered words

No butt geek please, it’s Google

Tue Dec 03 2013, 15:38

US senator voices concerns over Amazon’s drones

Timely drone delivery criticised

Tue Dec 03 2013, 13:17

Privacy International calls for Five Eyes investigation in Oz

Australian Signals Directorate accused of handing over data

Mon Dec 02 2013, 16:42

Dropbox suffers an outage, but it wasn't hackers

Routine maintenance goes titsup

Mon Jan 13 2014, 12:35

Facebook scoops up mobile app monitoring firm Little Eye

It spies with its little eye

Wed Jan 08 2014, 16:51

Twitter troll suspects plead guilty

Updated Will be sentenced later

Tue Jan 07 2014, 15:30

Department for Transport workers caught viewing porn

Keep your eyes on the roads

Fri Jan 03 2014, 15:47

Ofcom demands BT fixes faulty broadband connections within two days

Under new rules to aimed to achieve faster line repairs and installations

Fri Dec 20 2013, 16:17

Verizon to publish transparency reports

Joins the club

Fri Dec 20 2013, 11:33

British Airways letting people use handhelds through a whole flight

That’s an extra 30-odd minutes of Candy Crushing Vinery

Thu Dec 19 2013, 10:26

Google doesn’t fancy a UK court case on Safari tracking

Trivial, maybe

Tue Dec 17 2013, 12:54

BT will automatically block porn for new customers

Most complained about network might have more angry customers

Mon Dec 16 2013, 12:35

Free Software Foundation wants software and surveillance reform

Warns of dangers to industry

Fri Dec 13 2013, 09:45

Sport, One Direction and royal baby talk dominated Twitter in 2013

Andy Murray and ten-legged singing group leads chatter on social network

Thu Dec 12 2013, 10:43

Google announces crowdsourcing for Street View

Now you can capture your favourite places for the ages

Tue Dec 10 2013, 14:57

Teen wins a photo of an Xbox One on eBay

Takes it surprisingly well

Fri Dec 06 2013, 09:24

Three announces free US data roaming as it begins 4G rollout

Mobile operator's customers can use UK allowances in the States for free

Wed Dec 04 2013, 10:01

UK police shut 90 counterfeit shilling websites

690 domains seized in global sweep

Tue Dec 03 2013, 14:52

Silk Road replacement disappears

Loses millions

Tue Dec 03 2013, 12:11
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