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Lavabit and Silent Circle team up for Dark Mail

Will release email software source code and an encrypted service

Thu Oct 31 2013, 10:02

Google Street View floats down the Thames

Walking on water

Mon Oct 28 2013, 11:33

PRISM pushes Germany towards a local internet

Ich bin ein Onliner

Fri Oct 25 2013, 15:50

The NSA recorded world leaders' phone calls

World leaders are just realising

Fri Oct 25 2013, 10:47

BT ad banned for overstating WiFi interference

Hooray for the ASA

Thu Oct 24 2013, 10:58

EE sheds over a million customers but adds 500,000 to 4G network

Still less than five percent of the network's customers are using 4G

Tue Oct 22 2013, 12:21

Megaupload raid affected tens of millions of legitimate files

Life’s a beach for stored holiday photos

Mon Oct 21 2013, 13:39

Civil rights groups press European Parliament on privacy protection

Ahead of important vote on Monday

Thu Oct 17 2013, 14:49

Music store HMV breaks ground with MP3 download store

Party like its 1999

Thu Oct 17 2013, 10:16

Ireland to crack down on stateless, tax dodging web firms

Google, Apple and Facebook likely to be affected

Wed Oct 16 2013, 14:23

Yahoo Mail revamp panned by users

Really miss having tabs

Tue Oct 15 2013, 10:48

London police asks web registrars to blacklist filesharing websites

Due process is in the mail

Wed Oct 09 2013, 15:58

UK government teams with Google and Facebook to bring internet to all

Backs Sir Tim Berners-Lee's mission for affordable internet in developing countries

Mon Oct 07 2013, 15:53

Rockstar lines up a GTA Online update for Xbox 360 and PS3

Will address commonly reported issues with multiplayer world

Fri Oct 04 2013, 10:57

FBI arrests suspected Silk Road leader

Dark web spinner caught

Thu Oct 03 2013, 10:14

Twitter accounts and websites floored by US government shutdown

NASA, FTC and the Statue of Liberty go dark

Wed Oct 02 2013, 10:23

PRISM surveillance turned over Google and Yahoo

More whistles blown

Thu Oct 31 2013, 09:38

Skype API shutdown leads to petition

Microsoft plans to block access to third party apps

Fri Oct 25 2013, 16:35

Mozilla’s Lightbeam add-on lets you see who is tracking you

And the results can be scary

Fri Oct 25 2013, 14:45

Edward Snowden says the US government is lying about spying

Whistleblower supports surveillance protest this weekend

Fri Oct 25 2013, 10:09

Tim Berners-Lee wants an open web and whistleblowers protected

WWW inventor wants a slightly wilder world wide web

Wed Oct 23 2013, 16:01

Google Project Shield to protect small outfits against denial of service attacks

Inviting interested webmasters

Tue Oct 22 2013, 09:36

Google talks up balloon Project Loon antenna technology

Basic setup will become more complex in time for better connectivity

Mon Oct 21 2013, 12:29

TV Catchup shows up ITV with two million football views

Internet TV rebroadcaster tackles the ban that fouled it

Thu Oct 17 2013, 13:55

Germany mocks Google Fiber with 100Gbps WiFi demonstration

It travels only 20 metres, but it's a start

Wed Oct 16 2013, 17:17

BBC plans to rival Netflix with iPlayer video on demand

Commits to original online programming

Wed Oct 16 2013, 11:13

Edward Snowden says the NSA is hurting the US

Surveillance does not make people feel safe

Mon Oct 14 2013, 11:58

T-Mobile US drops high global roaming charges

Chat away at your leisure

Thu Oct 10 2013, 13:42

BBC readies next generation iPlayer to rival Netflix

Pop up Glastonbury channel a-go-go

Tue Oct 08 2013, 13:39

UK privacy groups sue GCHQ over snooping

Want privacy, not PRISM

Fri Oct 04 2013, 13:07

LSE finds that digital downloading doesn’t hurt the music industry

Cautions against hard line legislation

Thu Oct 03 2013, 16:25

UK government to deliver 50Mbps 4G broadband to rail passengers

High-speed connectivity to arrive in 2019

Tue Oct 01 2013, 11:05

LiFi breaks the 10GBps barrier

The light with 4G

Mon Oct 28 2013, 16:48

FBI is on the lookout for big time eBay fraudsters

Auto sales fraud ring reportedly stole $3m

Fri Oct 25 2013, 16:10

Twitter prices shares cheep-cheep and cheerful

Thinks it's worth $11bn

Fri Oct 25 2013, 13:16

Google puts oodles into lobbying

Hey big spender

Thu Oct 24 2013, 13:26

Netflix’s 40 million viewers push up its revenues

Net profit rose to £19.8m

Tue Oct 22 2013, 15:49

The Pirate Bay's web browser hits one million downloads

Used by 0.5 percent of visitors

Mon Oct 21 2013, 15:57

Torrent website Isohunt shuts down, faces $110m fine

Ends long court battle with the MPAA

Fri Oct 18 2013, 10:10

Sky's third quarter earnings show huge rise in mobile viewing

Gains for mobile and video on demand for the satellite broadcaster

Thu Oct 17 2013, 12:24

Akamai pores over internet threats including the Syrian Electronic Army

Looks at the state of the internet

Wed Oct 16 2013, 16:23

Nokia offers Lumia owners free Netflix in push to flog more Windows Phone devices

Streaming steaming towards your ear

Wed Oct 16 2013, 09:48

European data watchdog investigates Skype leaks to the NSA

Talk of a secret relationship

Fri Oct 11 2013, 16:04

Sky gets its knuckles rapped over Virgin Media jibe

The ASA defines when broadband is 'superfast'

Wed Oct 09 2013, 17:16

British broadband blunders could feed BBC iPlayer for six decades

That is a lot of episodes of Dr Who down the toilet

Mon Oct 07 2013, 16:11

O2 suffers network downtime due to 'unexpected congestion'

But the issue has now been fixed

Fri Oct 04 2013, 11:25

France bans Amazon from shipping books for free

Backing the small bookshops

Thu Oct 03 2013, 14:43

BT, Google and Microsoft sign up for Ofcom's white space trial

Along with 17 others

Wed Oct 02 2013, 17:15
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