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Apple, Facebook and Google need to come clean on security breaches

Firms must report major security incidents under upcoming EU rules

Fri Feb 08 2013, 12:29

Hackers' Michael Jackson raid nets community service

Pair avoid jail in Sony breach

Mon Jan 14 2013, 11:45

Social networks, Apple, Microsoft and Linux in 2013

Column A few predictions for the new year

Fri Dec 28 2012, 11:00

Google allegedly dodged $2bn in taxes

Internet giant is accused of tax avoidance

Tue Dec 11 2012, 10:24

Outwar hacker gets indicted

Roleplaying game got real

Fri Nov 16 2012, 10:33

US government is disappointed by Gary McKinnon extradition decision

US hoped Theresa May would comply with its demand

Wed Oct 17 2012, 11:55

Amazon wants Apple’s app store challenge thrown out

Says Apple CEOs used the term loosely

Thu Sep 27 2012, 09:38

European Commission starts antitrust investigations of Motorola

Opens two investigations

Tue Apr 03 2012, 12:29

The INQUIRER doesn't do plagiarism

Mon Jun 27 2011, 14:30

Sony goes after Playstation hackers

Insecure company lashes out

Wed Jan 12 2011, 13:47

Microsoft angers Angry Birds developer

A Vole among pigeons

Mon Oct 11 2010, 13:09

VMware makes fun of Microsoft

Marketing ploy backfires

Wed Sep 01 2010, 13:06

Gamer sues a games developer

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to a MMORG

Fri Aug 20 2010, 13:27

Father sues school for searching daughter's phone

Wants more than just an apology

Tue Aug 03 2010, 20:17

Culture secretary hints at license fee chop

Look forward to a future full of repeats

Tue Jul 20 2010, 16:30

Nokia enlists Russian police to find a phone

Cops and bloggers

Thu Jul 08 2010, 15:40

Twitter failed to protect user's accounts

Gets a slap on the wrist

Fri Jun 25 2010, 16:15

US Federal Reserve admits to Anonymous website attack

Hacking collective snaffled bankers' details

Wed Feb 06 2013, 13:38

Intel's '7W' Ivy Bridge chips are partly a marketing sleight-of-hand

Column But it might be okay, and might even work

Fri Jan 11 2013, 16:44

Apple loses patents case to Nokia and Sony front

Patents bully infringed three patents

Fri Dec 14 2012, 10:10

John McAfee has been arrested in Guatemala

Fugitive security pioneer apprehended

Thu Dec 06 2012, 09:58

Listen to Steve Wozniak when he talks about the internet and freedom

Column Woz talks Megaupload, Wikileaks and Anonymous

Fri Nov 09 2012, 17:17

Gary McKinnon’s mother Janis Sharp is overjoyed with UK extradition decision

She thanks all those who helped the campaign for her son

Tue Oct 16 2012, 18:00

Samsung wants the Iphone 5 banned

Will add the handset to its list

Thu Sep 20 2012, 14:10

Apple threatens Chinese company over Steve Jobs doll

Says that it owns Apple co-founder’s likeness

Thu Jan 05 2012, 16:12

Motorola faces a lawsuit against its Xoom tablet

Xooms into view

Fri Feb 25 2011, 15:22

Intel dishes laptops out to its own staff at annual quiz

Sex, lies and netbooks

Thu Dec 02 2010, 11:50

Reed Business Information gets sued for computer usage violations

Publisher accused of DDoS attacks

Mon Oct 04 2010, 13:59

CMI is suing Sony

Open season on lawsuits

Wed Aug 25 2010, 12:31

Oracle throws down a legal gauntlet at Google

Says Android infringes Java patents and copyrights

Fri Aug 13 2010, 12:23

Apple settles with a patent troll

And gets sued again

Fri Jul 30 2010, 13:48

France fouled by a fake website

French Officials not happy about something

Fri Jul 16 2010, 14:16

Sophos wants Javascript disabled in Adobe products

Go ahead Adobe, make my day

Thu Jul 01 2010, 13:00

Iceland passes press freedom law

Protects investigative journalists and whistleblowers

Thu Jun 17 2010, 14:13

Children are at risk from smartphone apps

UK regulator wants parents to step in between kids and apps

Wed Jan 16 2013, 15:22

Right wing radio host Glenn Beck falls in love with 3D printing

Says 3D printing will change everything

Fri Jan 11 2013, 09:45

European Union settles ebook pricing row with publishers

Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette, Holtzbrinck and Apple agree

Thu Dec 13 2012, 13:03

Jimmy Wales cheers Richard O’Dwyer ruling but UK legal concerns remain

Case should never have involved US authorities, claims Wikipedia founder

Thu Nov 29 2012, 14:00

Gary McKinnon's mother slams potential UK prosecution

Janis Sharp says charges would be 'a spectacular turnaround'

Wed Nov 07 2012, 11:42

Apple's patents war might tarnish its brand

Column Nobody likes a bully

Fri Oct 12 2012, 16:38

Apple goes after Polish grocery store

No Apple, no way, keep the lawyers away

Tue Sep 11 2012, 17:04

Sony Ericsson sues US ISP over its logo

Throws its green logo out of the pram

Wed Jan 19 2011, 14:38

Computer Weekly publisher admits it doesn’t know what its computers are doing

Gutterwatch Publisher was accused of DDoS attacks

Thu Nov 18 2010, 14:53

Free Software Foundation slams Oracle

Asks users to help defend Google

Fri Sep 10 2010, 14:36

Open Solaris board resigns

Decides it's fed up with Oracle

Tue Aug 24 2010, 16:29

Sky wants Skype to change its name

Too close for comfort

Wed Aug 11 2010, 11:28

Microsoft gets angry at Yahoo-Google tie up

Throws its toys out of the pram

Wed Jul 28 2010, 17:23

Microsoft compares Iphone 4 to Vista

The gold standard of failure

Thu Jul 15 2010, 11:43

Dell sold exceedingly bad desktops

Court papers reveal shoddy Optiplex PCs and a cover up

Wed Jun 30 2010, 14:37
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