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AMD puts USB 3.0 into its Fusion chipsets

An alternative to Thunderbolt

Wed Apr 13 2011, 12:04

Intel pushes Xeon into Itanium territory

Analysis Claims firms can take the RISC with commodity CISC hardware

Tue Apr 05 2011, 18:00

AMD will pay Global Foundries for good 32nm chips

Tightens the leash

Mon Apr 04 2011, 16:50

AMD launches embedded Fusion chips

DirectX 11 for less power

Wed Jan 19 2011, 13:01

AMD demos Llano Fusion chip

Ready for a 2011 launch

Tue Oct 19 2010, 13:08

AMD will distribute drivers over Steam

Provides a catalyst for updates

Wed Sep 15 2010, 13:04

AMD reveals its next generation GPU codenames in a Catalyst update

Southern Island part names tip up

Thu Aug 26 2010, 14:45

AMD is set to release a super workstation driver

Drives performance up

Tue Jul 27 2010, 14:18

Intel is a fundamental computing company

Interested in other things besides chips

Wed May 12 2010, 14:06

Sapphire announces the fastest graphics card

Doesn't hold back

Tue Apr 27 2010, 14:01

AMD plans to underclock its Phenom II X6 chips

To boost performance

Thu Apr 08 2010, 11:43

Acer moves to AMD

Gateway brings Magny-Cours Opterons to servers

Mon Mar 29 2010, 15:43

Workstation market posts a surprise improvement

Comes off life support

Thu Mar 04 2010, 09:55

AMD talks up its first Fusion chip

Still a way off though

Mon Feb 08 2010, 20:00

AMD pushes mainstream processors

Cheap as chips

Mon Jan 25 2010, 12:30

AMD teams up with Sisoft on benchmarking

Anything Intel can do, we can do better

Mon Dec 07 2009, 13:56

Nvidia counters dodgy benchmark claim

Green goblin strikes back

Wed Jul 22 2009, 08:13

HIS upgrades its HD6950 graphics card lineup

With excessively long names

Fri Apr 08 2011, 16:44

AMD releases a midrange Radeon HD6790 video card

Midrange graphics market gets crowded

Tue Apr 05 2011, 14:19

2011 will be the year of the graphics enabled microprocessor

Intel and AMD square off

Thu Mar 17 2011, 13:18

AMD claims its image quality is on par with Nvidia

One of them is telling porkies

Fri Nov 26 2010, 14:43

Microsoft is granted a GPU video encoding patent

AMD and Nvidia are left out in the cold

Wed Oct 13 2010, 13:28

AMD unleashes a six display workstation graphics card

A snip at $3,500

Fri Sep 10 2010, 16:50

A low profile AMD ATI Radeon HD5750 tips up

Aimed at no one in particular

Thu Aug 19 2010, 13:55

AMD releases OpenGL ES 2 drivers

Powers the next generation web

Mon Jul 26 2010, 17:34

Nvidia's Fermi GPGPU chip gets squeezed into servers

Warms up the datacenter nicely

Wed May 05 2010, 13:50

Apple scopes out AMD's designs

Analysis Makes Intel and Nvidia uncomfortable

Wed Apr 21 2010, 12:45

AMD plays nice with Rambus

Renews patent license agreement

Thu Apr 01 2010, 12:23

ATI puts out a Firepro driver update

Performance gains and Displayport audio

Fri Mar 12 2010, 15:56

AMD targets budget buyers

Also expands Fusion Partner program

Wed Mar 03 2010, 13:21

AMD cuts more UK staff

But not many

Thu Jan 28 2010, 18:43

Mesh claims the first DX11 laptop

Gaming on the go

Fri Jan 15 2010, 17:05

Nvidia's Fermi is delayed

Not expected until some time in 2010

Tue Nov 10 2009, 12:02

AMD's 785G motherboards tip up

Bored of waiting for August launch

Wed Jul 22 2009, 08:02

Lucid announces Radeon HD6000 series support for Virtu

Provides a Sandy Bridge to Northern Islands

Fri Apr 08 2011, 13:16

AMD starts shipping 32nm Llano APU chips

But doesn't say what OEMs are getting them

Tue Apr 05 2011, 11:22

Gateway updates its server range with AMD chips

Better bang for your bucks

Wed Mar 16 2011, 15:51

AMD steps in to help Intel and Nokia with Meego

A strategic and pragmatic decision

Mon Nov 15 2010, 17:55

AMD Catalyst 10.9 drivers offer Linux support

Cater for business as well as gamers

Thu Sep 16 2010, 11:10

AMD tries to upstage Intel's show with old news

Throws a chip in the works

Fri Sep 10 2010, 15:27

AMD turns up the heat on Nvidia's GPGPUs

Analysis The master is about to face an old pretender

Tue Aug 17 2010, 16:11

Nvidia blames AMD for dropping Physx support

Runs out of valid excuses

Mon Jun 14 2010, 13:28

ARM takes on the server big boys

Tries its hand

Thu Apr 29 2010, 17:41

MSI allows AMD and Nvidia DX11 cards to coexist

But not if you have a Fermi card

Wed Apr 14 2010, 16:20

Acer launches four laptops

Value conscious style

Wed Mar 31 2010, 18:22

What would you do with a 48 core chip?

INQuiry AMD runs Magny Core competition

Mon Mar 08 2010, 15:59

AMD starts shipping 12-core Opterons

Buy it now on Ebay

Mon Feb 22 2010, 17:21

GPU vendors had a bumper 2009

No bailout necessary

Wed Jan 27 2010, 16:23

ATI Radeon HD5970 dual GPU graphics card

Review The fastest graphics of 2009

Fri Dec 11 2009, 13:10

Hector Ruiz quits Global Foundries

As the Feds close in

Mon Nov 02 2009, 15:30
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