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AMD looks to TSMC for 28nm Brazos chip

Updated Ditches Globalfoundries shock

Wed Nov 23 2011, 13:07

Red Hat reveals that RHEL 6.2 will support AMD's Bulldozer power saving features

Interim support in RHEL 5.7 and 6.1

Mon Nov 14 2011, 17:43

AMD launches its 8-core and 16-core Opteron Bulldozer chips

Better late than never

Mon Nov 14 2011, 05:00

Intel increases its GPU lead over AMD and Nvidia

Matrox even gets a look in

Tue Nov 01 2011, 17:05

AMD hires Mark Papermaster as CTO

Ex-IBM chip chief joins firm as technology officer and SVP

Thu Oct 20 2011, 13:17

AMD hopes to replicate Lenovo's rise to power with CEO

Analysis Looks east for inspiration

Fri Aug 26 2011, 16:53

AMD releases an SDK for its Llano chips

Brings performance improvements

Mon Aug 08 2011, 15:52

AMD is in no rush to find its next CEO

It has a strong management team

Fri Jul 22 2011, 15:20

Quad-core chips will be in 49 per cent of laptops by 2015

On-chip graphics has a bright future

Wed Jul 13 2011, 13:58

AMD is planning a 2W Brazos refresh for Windows 8 tablets

Foreshadows a challenge to Intel

Tue Jul 05 2011, 13:50

ARM claims Mali will match Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 within 18 months

AMD, Nvidia and Intel had better watch out

Thu Jun 30 2011, 15:24

Bapco claims Sysmark 2012 uses applications that have market share

AMD just might be ahead of the curve

Fri Jun 24 2011, 11:40

AMD demonstrates a 32 core Bulldozer server

ISC 11 Promises up to 64 cores in a 1U server

Tue Jun 21 2011, 15:49

Ex-Intel and Apple executives turned down AMD CEO role

Dirk Meyer's boots are tough to fill

Fri Jun 17 2011, 08:00

AMD launches A-series Llano processors to rival Intel's Sandy Bridge

Could be a bridge too far

Tue Jun 14 2011, 05:00

Asus plans Eee PC and smartphone-tablet at Computex 2011

Tablets galore as Asia's largest trade show kicks off next week

Fri May 27 2011, 14:04

AMD releases Cayman-based Firepro V5900 and Firepro V7900

Pays a visit to the Northern Islands

Tue May 24 2011, 05:00

Acer, Dell and HP servers tip up at AMD's Bulldozer launch

An impressive show of force

Wed Nov 16 2011, 15:33

AMD will cut its workforce by 10 per cent to save $118m in 2012

Plans to put the money into low power chip research

Fri Nov 04 2011, 13:47

TSMC's 28nm process node starts volume production

AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm rejoice

Mon Oct 24 2011, 15:12

AMD FX-series Bulldozer chip pricing tips up

Eight cores for under $300

Tue Sep 13 2011, 15:20

AMD finally hires a new CEO

Appoints Rory Read from Lenovo

Fri Aug 26 2011, 10:30

Leaked AMD roadmap shows a 10-core 'Piledriver' chip will tip up in 2012

Looking beyond Bulldozer

Mon Jul 25 2011, 17:55

HIS launches its AMD Radeon HD6770 graphics cards

Factory overclock nosed out by Gigabyte

Thu Jul 21 2011, 16:21

AMD releases the Radeon HD6990M

Mobile gaming for those who like to sit down

Tue Jul 12 2011, 16:16

INQUIRER readers look forward to AMD Llano chips

‘More balanced than Intel’ say readers

Mon Jul 04 2011, 16:09

Intel increased market share despite Sandy Bridge recall

AMD could not capitalise on the stumble

Thu Jun 30 2011, 13:21

Bapco claims AMD supported 80 per cent of Sysmark 2012 development

Doesn't list Nvidia or Via as members

Thu Jun 23 2011, 17:26

Intel announces 22nm 50-core Knights Corner chip

ISC 11 Believes easy programming holds the key

Mon Jun 20 2011, 13:00

AMD believes Intel will never buy Nvidia

But never say never

Wed Jun 15 2011, 17:33

Computex 2011 recap: Intel Z68 motherboard dominates but AMD Bulldozer missing

Analysis From slates to servers

Thu Jun 09 2011, 13:34

Pricing for AMD's Llano and Bulldozer chips tips up

Priced to go up against Intel's Sandy Bridge

Tue May 24 2011, 15:27

HIS launches AMD Radeon HD6970 cards with a 'Black Hole Impeller'

Another board on the event horizon

Mon May 23 2011, 12:43

Intel shows off Xeon E5 chips and a 1Tflops Knights Corner board

Goes for HPC while AMD looks to the cloud

Wed Nov 16 2011, 13:12

Dell and HP tout AMD's Interlagos Opteron socket compatibility

AMD pins its hopes on stability

Mon Nov 14 2011, 16:08

AMD releases its entry-level Firepro V4900 graphics card

Turks comes to workstations

Wed Nov 02 2011, 16:36

AMD invests in Android app porting outfit Bluestacks

Supposedly fills a need

Thu Oct 20 2011, 16:42

Globalfoundries readies 20nm process node

Gives hope to its customers

Tue Aug 30 2011, 15:05

AMD will stay out of the smartphone market

Sticks to its knitting

Tue Aug 09 2011, 16:13

AMD's CPU division posts profits but GPU arm suffers

Unable to take advantage of what it has

Mon Jul 25 2011, 13:16

ARM will power 20 per cent of laptops by 2015

Should light a fire under AMD and Intel

Tue Jul 19 2011, 14:08

VIA releases a dual-core 1.6GHz EPIA board

Meets the challenges from AMD and Intel

Fri Jul 08 2011, 15:30

AMD Llano APU mobile platform benchmarks

CPU and GPU together for better results

Mon Jul 04 2011, 13:22

AMD launches desktop Llano A-series processors to 'demolish' Intel

Piles on the graphics power

Thu Jun 30 2011, 05:00

AMD leaves Bapco claiming Sysmark 2012 does not show Llano performance

Rubbishes the benchmark for its lack of APU support

Wed Jun 22 2011, 15:42

AMD Developer Summit lacks Bulldozer details

Analysis AMD comes back, at least in mainstream

Fri Jun 17 2011, 11:18

AMD prepares the ground for ARM's OpenCL support

Singing from the same hymn sheet

Wed Jun 15 2011, 17:26

AMD dusts off its FX gaming chips brand

Gaming evolved, apparently

Tue Jun 07 2011, 17:08

AMD releases sub 7W embedded Fusion chips

Power your telly

Tue May 24 2011, 14:22
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