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Best in-ear headphones of 2014

Mon Aug 18 2014, 15:28

For the active klutz: Sony XBA-C10
One of our biggest pet hates when it comes to earphones is accidently pulling them out of our ears while being active. There's nothing more irritating than having to stop mid-workout to pop your earbuds back into your lugs and miss out on that few seconds of music.

Sony XBA-C10 earphones for in ear grip

That will never happen with the Sony XBA-C10 earphones because they fit so snugly in your ear, so much so that they have a tiny handle on the side so you can pull them out without tearing the cable. It might feel like you're brain is about to be pulled out as well, but the knowledge that you'll never rip them out unexpectedly by far outweighs this.

Without forgetting the whole point of them, they sound pretty decent too. The XBA-C10's have a wide frequency range of 5-25,000Hz for their size, bringing distinct highs and lows when listening to your favourite tracks. For just £50, don't expect the world but do expect that they'll serve you right when dashing from A to B, working out or jumping around the house like a lunatic to your favourite tunes.

For those who don't know left from right: Musical Fidelity EB-33
If you need help figuring which ear is your left and which is your right, the Musical Fidelity EB-33 is an ideal set of in-ear headphones as the cables are colour-coded red and blue to differentiate between the left and right earpieces.

Don't worry - we don't think you're that stupid - as the EB-33's have much more to them than that and come with nine sets of ear buds so you can choose the best fit for your ears - big or small - and the cable includes an inline mic/mute control so you can drop in and out of the real world.

Musical Fidelity EB-33 earphone

But the best thing about the EB-33's is that they've been designed to offer a natural lifelike sound. They use high-tech neodymium magnets and a large 13.5mm drive unit that gives a wide and flat frequency response with low distortion, making music sound very clear and rich.

Although the EB-33 earbuds do not have any noise cancelling technology, the seal they create between the ear and bud is so good that they still manage to cancel out a lot of background noise, a great added bonus for some earphones that retail for just £79.

For the video gamers: Steelseries Flux in-ear Pro
They might not look like the most high-end earbuds on the market, but the Steelseries Flux in-ear Pro earbuds have a surprisingly high-end sound.

The swappable cable system also offers full compatibility with mobile devices, PC and Mac, so it's also ideal for hardcore gaming fans who want to switch between devices but keep the sounds of their video game antics to themselves.

Steelseries Flux in ear headphones for gamers

Featuring a "balance armature technology", the Flux in-ear Pro earbuds offer a premium audio experience for a reasonable price due to their accurate drivers that allow you to hear different layers, levels and subtle details in both music and games you've probably not heard before.

We couldn't work out how they fit in our ears properly at first, until we noticed that they actually go in upside down with the cable following the back of your ear, but once properly in place, we found them to be extremely comfortable and snug, and that they isolated outside noise fairly well.

Available for £135, they are a very impressive set of in-ear headphones for the price and perfect for gamers on the move. µ


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