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Titanfall review

Mon Mar 17 2014, 16:16

Customisation and matchmaking
We were also pleased to see that Respawn worked to improve Titanfall's long term appeal by adding character and Titan customisation options. Titanfall lets you customise your pilot and Titan using a level system. Players start at level one with a single loadout and a basic portfolio of weapons and upgrades to choose from. Further weapon, equipment and loadout options are unlocked by increasing the pilot's level.

Pilots raise their level by earning experience. Experience is rewarded at the end of each map. The amount of experience earned is based on how well they performed during the game and is acquired by doing things like killing enemies or achieving mission goals.

Titanfall beta mech battle

As a pilot, the system lets you unlock new primary, secondary and Titan Killer weapons as well as Tactical Ability, grenade type and tier one and two upgrades. Tier one and two upgrades are passive abilities that improve things like your pilot's shield or Tactical Ability recharge times. The Titan loadouts offer a similarly diverse set of customisation options, letting you pick what type of Titan you want to play, your primary weapon, ordnance, Tactical ability and tier one and two passive abilities.

Sadly we found that Titanfall doesn't let you customise your pilot's or Titan's appearance. Instead the game will automatically assign you one of three skins it feels most accurately portrays the loadout's playing style. These include basic soldier, shock trooper and sniper skins.

The only other serious issue we've noticed playing Titanfall relates to its matchmaking abilities. While the game in general finds games quickly enough, it oddly doesn't let you set up or host private games. Instead it limits you to recruiting six players from your friend list to create a team for a match on its public servers. This means that if you have a particularly large group of friends playing Titanfall you can't have one big game and will always be forced to play strangers.

In Short
Titanfall is without a doubt the most entertaining multiplayer, first-person shooter we've played in a long while. Featuring balanced gameplay, superb graphics and intelligent level design, Titanfall is the shooter next generation console gamers have been waiting for. Our only real qualms about Titanfall are minor ones. On the one hand we'd have liked the ability to customise the appearance of our Titan and pilot. On the other hand, considering the game's multiplayer focus, we'd also have liked the ability to set up 12-player private matches where we could play against, as well as with, our friends. However, these are minor crosses to bear and we'd still recommend that any gamer looking for their next shooter fix check out Respawn's stellar new game Titanfall. µ

The Good
Great graphics, balanced gameplay, thrilling multiplayer matches.

The Bad
No private match option, can't customise pilot or Titan appearance.

The Ugly
The carcass of anyone stupid enough to get in the way of a Titan on Titan battle.

Bartender's Score



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