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Dead Space 3 review

Mon Feb 18 2013, 17:24

The co-op mode also helps improve the game's plot.The entire game can be played in co-op with your partner taking control of the new Carver character. The addition of co-op only missions within the game is a clear ploy by Visceral to try to entice old fans of the single player survival horror Dead Space games to give the feature a go.

While Dead Space purists will scoff at the idea of having help, preferring the more intense single player experience, Carver's presence can prove enjoyable, adding a little depth to the story. The co-op only missions generally open up a dialogue between Carver and Isaac, filling in some of the new character's tragic past and explaining how things have fallen apart so quickly.

Dead Space 3 villain

As was the case in previous Dead Space games, you can also customise Isaac's suit, adding more armour to reduce damage, upgrading his health oxygen supply, Kinesis and Stasis modules.

The Kinesis and Stasis modules have the same combat applications as they did in previous games. Stasis lets you briefly slow down enemies and objects while Kinesis lets you pull and launch objects around you.

The two modules are also invaluable tools that help you solve the slew of puzzles littered throughout Dead Space 3. As was the case in previous Dead Space titles, numerous missions will call on you to do things like reactivate power in an area or fix a key tool you need to move forward.

The sections often require you to use the Stasis and Kinesis modules to manipulate the world around you. Puzzles include doing things from using Kinesis to put a ship's power modules back in the correct sequence to using Stasis to temporarily stall a engine, thus making it explode and open the path to the next section of the game.

While these puzzles are simplistic and a little too similar to the puzzles seen in the first games, we're still glad there are some more cerebral moments in Dead Space 3, with the puzzles providing a nice break in the game's otherwise action focused gameplay.

In Short
Overall, while Dead Space 3 has completely done away with a number of elements that made the original game a great survival horror experience, we're still fans.

Even without the survival horror elements that made it great, Dead Space 3 is still a very fun game thanks to its awesome weapon creation and combat mechanics.

Looking for better weapon parts, we regularly found ourselves going into areas we knew we really didn't want to, fighting wave after wave of Necromorphs to get to the prizes we so desperately sought.

This meant that even though we weren't gripped the same way we were with the original Dead Space, we still thoroughly enjoyed our latest jaunt with Isaac and would recommend it to any first person shooter fan looking for their next adrenaline pumping thrill. µ

The Good
Great combat, intriguing loot and weapon creation systems.

The Bad
Not as scary as the original game, story is a little by the numbers.

The Ugly
The image of Necromorphs playing with your guts after they kill you.

Bartenders Score



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