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Dead Space 3 review

A limb severingly good shooting game experience
Mon Feb 18 2013, 17:24

DEAD SPACE 3 carries on the tale of engineer turned limb severing badass Isaac Clarke and his fight against the parasitic evil alien Necromorphs.

Jumping ahead of the second game's events, Dead Space 3 is set in a much darker future where the necromorph problem has become a galaxy wide pandemic.

The cult of Unitologists that worship the Necromorphs have grown from a bizarre fanatical religious group into a full blown military power.

In this dark world humanity is quite literally on the brink of extinction, meaning that reluctant hero Isaac must once again pull out his trusty plasma cutter and re-enter the hellish fight against the evil aliens.

Dead Space 3 cultist

Thanks to its more epic plot, Dead Space 3 is the equivalent of Aliens compared to Alien, carrying on the second game's move away from the franchise's survival horror roots.

Gameplay-wise this means that unlike the original Dead Space, which aimed to put you on permanent edge by limiting your ammo supply so that fighting even a single necromorph was a nervous experience, Dead Space 3 goes full on Rambo.

While Necromorphs are still tough, requiring you to sever pretty much all their limbs before they die, Dead Space 3 offers you such a plentiful ammo supply and such powerful weapon options that you never feel truly helpless.

This is mainly done via the game's increased weapon creation and upgrade options. Where the original Dead Space games offered a set list of premade weapons to pick from and upgrade, Dead Space 3 lets you build your own from scratch.

The game lets you create, customise and upgrade weapons at any workbench, using parts you salvaged along the way. The system is quite nicely designed, seeing you start by picking between a heavy or light frame. Heavy frames are used to create two handed weapons like assault rifles while light frames create one handed pistols.



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