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Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 review

Wed Nov 07 2012, 15:33

Of course, we couldn't review the Logitech's washable keyboard fully without washing it. After using it for a solid few weeks as a full-time keyboard, it genuinely did collect an adequate build-up of cookie crumbs, food splatters and your everyday drink stains, so it was probably due for a good wash anyway.

logitech washable keyboard k310 f water

We won't lie, it did feel a little strange putting a keyboard straight under a running tap after unplugging it just moments before, but we can confirm that the water ran around and past the keys and out of the back, just as Logitech promised.

We then used the included cleaning brush that detaches from the back to clean the bits of week-old food from between the keys. We found that using water along with the brush really does help get rid of stains, crumbs and dust.

logitech washable keyboard k310 wet

When we were satisfied that the keyboard was fully cleaned of all food remnants, we then left it to dry for around 15 minutes. Admittedly, it wasn't completely dry when we connected it back to the computer, which isn't advised, but because of the demanding nature of the job working on The INQUIRER, we couldn't wait any longer before having to connect it back up. The keyboard worked perfectly, despite the keys feeling a little sticky because they were not completely dry. It was back to full working order within 10 minutes or so, though.

Logitech says its K310 keyboard is able to withstand contact with water due to its rubberdome key technology, which refers to the keys' dome switches that use moulded bubbles in two rubber membranes to provide water protection as well as drive the spring travel of each key.

Logitech said this technology also ensures that the keyboard remains quiet while typing, but we found this wasn't the case, especially when typing fast. 

logitech washable keyboard k310 usb plug

Another feature that shows us that Logitech really thought about the product's washability in detail is that the keyboard includes a detachable USB port cover to prevent water from reaching the port while cleaning the keyboard at a sink. Rather ingenious.

In Short
Logitech's K310 washable keyboard might not have premium build quality, but it looks pretty stylish and does a good job of allowing you to type quickly with minimal mistakes. It's comfortable to type on and more importantly it's washable and dries quickly so you can hook it back up to your computer without having to wait for hours.

We think it is a great piece of kit for those who are clumsy with drinks or food around their keyboards. µ

The Good
Framed key design for fast, accurate typing, waterproof enough to clean in a kitchen sink.

The Bad
Somewhat cheap looking, almost flimsy design.

The Ugly

Bartender's Score


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