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Resident Evil 6 review

An intense third person shooter that draws all the series' plot arcs together
Mon Oct 01 2012, 16:00

RESIDENT EVIL 6 builds on the groundwork laid by its predecessors, focusing on the exploits of rookie cop turned badass agent Leon Kennedy, bicep heavy military he-man Chris Redfield and brooding gun for hire Jake Mueller during yet another zombie infested C-Virus outbreak.

Given the sheer number of familiar faces, fans of the series may be forgiven for thinking that Capcom has simply released yet another tweaked version of the familiar Resident Evil experience for its latest entry into the game series.

However, Capcom has significantly reworked Resident Evil 6's core gameplay mechanics by combining, removing and adding elements seen in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 to create something entirely unique.

Chief among the changes is the fact that Resident Evil 6 features three campaign modes. Each campaign follows the exploits of two characters, with Leon being backed up by fellow agent Helena, Chris by fellow BSAA soldier Piers and Jake by Resident Evil 2 survivor Sherry.

All three campaigns feature the same buddy cooperative multiplayer features introduced in Resident Evil 5, allowing players to either team up online or split-screen off one console, taking control of whichever member of the team the main player isn't controlling.

The campaign emphasises teamwork, with a number of Resident Evil 6's sections requiring specific actions from both players to be defeated. For example, some will require one player to guard the other from a horde of flesh eating zombies when turning a crank to open a door, while others will require one player to draw an enemy's attention so the other can get close enough to target its weak spot.

Resident Evil 6 Intersection

For Resident Evil 6 Capcom has increased its emphasis on multiplayer, adding "Crossovers". These are moments in the game's story where the three campaigns overlap and the characters' stories converge. One intersection saw Leon and Helena run into Jake and Sherry while investigating an C-Virus outbreak in China.

In these sections Resident Evil will attempt to find a game that is playing the equivalent section in the other campaign and combine it with the players, allowing up to four players to play at once.

The intersection sequences are a nice touch, with the use of four player controlled characters making it so you don't have to rely on AI controlled characters. This is particularly good, considering that crossover sequences generally task you to take down an extremely powerful boss.

One of our favourite crossovers saw us attempt to take down Resident Evil 3's ultra powerful, nigh invincible Nemesis zombie using random explosive items we found around a junkyard. The fight required all four of us to work together, with one team handling the placement of the explosives while the other two distracted the superzombie.


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