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Borderlands 2 review

A zany, characterful and wintastic first person shooter/RPG hybrid
Tue Sep 25 2012, 13:31
Borderlands 2 boattreasure

BORDERLANDS 2 builds on the legacy of its awesome predecessor, seeing you take the role of one of four vault hunters in a search for alien treasure.

However, rather than simply repackage the old cartoon-like loot hunting experience seen in the original Borderlands, Borderlands 2 has developed the idea further. In Borderlands 2 not only has Gearbox fixed a number of the first game's faults, but also added a host of unexpected improvements, making it one of the most interesting first person shooters this year.

Once again set on the world of Pandora, the Borderlands 2 plot follows directly on from the events of the first game. Yet, in the wake of Borderlands' original plot, Pandora is a changed world. While scary alien monsters and crazy psycho bandits still litter the landscape, it's no longer a true wild west. The original cast's decision to open up the vault activated a chain of strange events, including the discovery of vast deposits of a new valuable mineral called eridian on Pandora.

Borderlands 2 ice monster

The appearance of the mineral changed the landscape of Pandora and drew the interest of the 'corporation', which in the game is led by your arch-nemesis Handsome Jack. A central part of Borderlands 2's plot is the ongoing battle between Pandora's native population and the corporation for control of the planet. The game opens to see you and your four fellow vault hunters attacked by Handsome Jack, who has decided all vault hunters are a threat to the corporation and must be eliminated.

To help undo the previous game's poor storytelling mechanic, Gearbox has given Pandora's rich and diverse cast of characters voices. Where in Borderlands each character would only blurt out one of a few select catchphrases when you interacted with them, in Borderlands 2 they will enter into conversation, offering everything from commentary on your situation to a full explanation of a quest they have for you.

The addition of the voice acting is terrific, especially considering how well the script is written, containing the same dark, comic, slightly disturbed character of the original Borderlands. While playing the game we often found ourselves chuckling when talking to Borderlands' cast and think it's one of the game's best additions.



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