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Apple’s new Ipad hands on review

Retina display and quad-core graphics on offer
Fri Mar 16 2012, 17:59

THERE'S BEEN A LOT WRITTEN about Apple's new Ipad. So, on finally getting our hands on one of the devices we were eager to see how it would perform, particularly the apparently world-changing Retina display.

And it seems fair to say that, like every other publication, The INQUIRER was quite impressed by the improvements Apple has brought to the device, with images, web pages and text all displayed with a crispness that is noticeably better than what was possible with the Ipad 2.

The 5MP camera that Apple has included is another notable improvement over the one in the Ipad 2.

The two pictures below featuring several different colours show just how much better the camera in the new Ipad is, and while it's hard to replicate on a web page, the Retina display shows off the improvements to their full effect.

Below: the camera in the new Ipad creates crisper, clearer images.

Example of a photo from the new iPad

Below: the same photo taken by the Ipad 2 lacks the sharpness of the new device.

Example of a photo from the iPad 2

Another major improvement that Apple has touted with the new device is its quad-core graphics processor, offering faster speeds and better displays for games, and certainly in the short play we had on the device it exhibited a clear speed improvement.

Loading Google Maps, for example, is rapid, with Street View also loading smoothly.

However, in many ways there is little about the new Ipad to differentiate it from the Ipad 2, with the device looking identical and having almost identical features.

For some this won't matter at all, as the Ipad is still a thing of beauty and unquestionably the best tablet on the market by some distance, and the improved features Apple has added are a significant upgrade.

However, if the idea of a super-sharp display and a better camera don't really appeal to you that much, you might find yourself happily ticking along with your Ipad 2 for a while yet before you feel the need to upgrade.

Check back next week when we'll have a full review of the new Ipad. µ


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