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Adata 64 GB multifunction SSD

Review SSD for everyone?
Wed Feb 04 2009, 16:35

SSD STORAGE IS FINALLY GETTING more affordable, on top of its performance and reliability expectations getting more consistent. After Intel's ultra high performance offerings, here's one that's a little less stellar on the performance front claims yet still quite a bit ahead of hard disks, but has a price and flexibility benefit: less dollars, and an extra CPU-hogging USB interface added. Very useful when you want to move your OS disk to another system and copy everything from the outside, for instance.


Let's see its performance in the storage benchmarks:




Next to an Intel MLC SSD drive, the A-data entry is a bit slower in ops per second and read peak performance, a third thicker at 9.2 mm height, but packs both SATA and USB for external backup use, all at a bit lower price too. Recommended for guys migrating the OS and data sets often from one system to another, and for those looking for cheap, decent performing dual SSD RAID0 or RAID1 setups: A-Data has a matching 3.5-inch dual-SSD enclosure as well.

The drives come in 64GB ($194) 128GB ($335) and 192GB ($562) flavours.

The Good
Great-looking, dual interfaces for in & out of the box versatility - 85 grams is still light to carry
The Bad
Read speeds could be higher since usually Flash doesn't have problems there
The Ugly
No Firewire800 for Apple addicts?

Bartender's Verdict
9 out of 10



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