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Transsexual gamers fight for their rights

SXSW 2009 PMS meets World of Warcraft
Tue Mar 17 2009, 07:19

SXSW INTERACTIVE is certainly dealing with the most pressing of issues this year. Case in point: an hour-long session on girl gaming where, amongst other things, it was unanimously agreed that transsexuals could also use the coveted title 'girl gamer', if they felt the urge.

Yes, that's right boys, no need to sweat it. You can be a girl gamer even if you channel Lara Croft more than you fantasise about her. Good to know.


Sylvie channeling Barbie

Another discussion at the panel revolved around the issue of whether or not 'Girl Gamer' was actually an anti feminist term. Should it not be 'woman gamer', participants bitched... er, sorry, complained. 'Female gamer" perhaps? How about the utterly politically correct and sensitive "psychotic man slayer" (PMS)?

Oddly, the follow-on discussion to the perceived sexist name-calling revolved around the best way for guys to get their psychotic man sl... er, sorry, the females in their lives, into gaming.

Wondering what the enlightened feminist response was? Start them off slow on something easy like Mario Kart and work up from there as your girl starts to get comfortable with the idea.

Sigh. We could add a sarcastic, biting comment in here, but we'll let you make up your own. [Space intentionally left blank]. µ



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