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Intel broadsides Nvidia with Powerpoint assault

Friction Slide warfare
Tue Feb 24 2009, 17:19

C'EST LA GUERRE! Intel and Nvidia are now officially enemies, killing each other ‘not-so-softly' with Powerpoint.

A while back, we managed to get our hands on  "the black presentation", an anonymous Powerpoint which went great lengths to diss Intel integrated graphics, in true Nvidia style.

"Can you trust your visual experience to Intel?" taunted one of the slides, with  others cherry picking press clippings blasting Intel's G35.

A particularly brutal slide asked what Intel integrated graphics WAS good for. The answer according to the Green Pimpernel? A slide with a solitaire screen shot. Ouch.


To add salt to the wound, the masked goblin proclaimed "... when you ONLY make hammers ...... everything starts looking like a nail".

But, seemingly incapable of playing the grown up, Intel has countered, leaking a purportedly "confidential" presentation of its own to Bit-Tech.

The document, Nvidia Ion Competitive Positioning Guide attacks Nvidia's upcoming Ion platform, calling it nothing but "a SKU of the existing MCP79M/MCP7A chipset family (branded in part as GeForce 9400M, GeForce 9400, GeForce 9300, GeForce 9100M G or GeForce 8200M G."

Furthermore, Chipzilla sinks to the lowest of lows by picking at the scabs of Nvidia's recent chipset problems, writing, "despite Nvidia's continued execution and power problems with this chipset, Nvidia is partnering the same chipset with an Intel Atom processor and creating hype around what it calls the 'Ion Platform'."

Sounds like Intel is feeling a little HYPErsensitive.

Chipzilla then proceeds to do some cherry picking of, ehem, ‘select' media coverage of its own. Hint: If you want to know, check out our "Charlie vs Nvidia" tab!

"Don't buy the hype around Nvidia Ion-it offers no advantages that an Intel platform cannot provide relevant to the Netbook and Nettop market segments", childishly whines the Intel ‘insider' document.

Intel then accuses Nvidia of "attempting to re-use an integrated graphics chipset (MCP79M/MCP7A) designed for the notebook and desktop system price points into the netbook and nettop system price points. This in turn leads to higher costs as well as high power consumption". The Green Goblin is likewise exaggerating the interest in Ion from PC builders, says Intel.

"Nvidia claims that many OEMs are exploring the Ion, but as of this writing, no customer has publicly disclosed plans to design Ion-based products" reads another slide.

Dagger firmly wedged in teeth, Intel goes on to, er, graphically insult Nvidia, with a slide explaining how HD video decoding on Ion,  just ain't all that (according to "Preliminary press reviews") and how Intel is offering "full Hi-Def video decode with HW acceleration with the off-roadmap Mobile Intel GN40 Express Chipset".

As for battery life, Chipzilla takes another cheap [chip?] shot saying its own Atom platform will have longer battery life with a comparative TDP of 8W against Ion's 15.5W.

"Neither gaming nor video transcoding are relevant to netbook and nettop users," proclaims the document.

We feel a bit bad for our friends at Bit-Tech, since, following our INQuiry into the origin and purpose of the presentation, an Intel spinner  forced the site to take down slides it had posted.

He said: "Talked to Tim [Smalley] - he will take that foil down from the story. It is an Intel internal foil marked Intel confidential. Make sure you don't post it either, or the legal beagles will give me an enema".

How tempting is that! µ




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