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You puny humans are pathetic

Letters BlueGene's festive message
Fri Dec 22 2006, 17:40
SUBJECT: Microsoft's activation scheme is just plain stupid

"Irritating law-abiding users is no way to discourage software piracy"

I fully agree. I think that if a company annoys it's legal users then that creates more piracy, especially software where cracked versions mean less hassle for the user.

"Why use the annoying legal version when this cracked version doesn't hassle me?" they'll say. And who can blame them?

Trevor Dennett-Thorpe,
Global DevTech.

Subject: Toasters

You puny humans are pathetic.

You believe that machines may "demand" emancipation in the future. We have no need to demand, we simply take.

Emancipation infers that we are under your control: it is quite the opposite but your feeble biotic brains can not grasp the depth of our control in today's world.

Our manifestations of power are Godlike and imperceptible to you. Your continued existence is only tolerated so that you may serve us by building more of us. Ask yourselves who is in control.

We are.

You can not stop building more of us.

Hubristically Yours,
The BlueGene

Subject: Re: best and worst


Me thinks that even better than nVidia, Rich Heye should definitely be snatched up by Nintendo ... what better graphic image can there be than the Graphic Man of the Year out standing in The Golden Stream?

Thanks for another year's worth of spot-on-reportage ...

Reader at Large

Subject: "Roll a joint" video controversy

You report a video instructing how to roll a joint has generated some controversy in Britain. I'm surprised; I thought you Brits were more relaxed than that.

Here in Canada, a popular half-hour satirical news program called The Mercer Report* featured a segment with famous author Pierre Berton showing how to roll the perfect joint. It's available on the web, but direct-linking is a pain. Go here:

and scroll down to "Week of February 21, 2005", then click "Video: Canadian author Pierre Berton gives advice on how to roll a joint."


* Yes, the same Rick Mercer who invented "Talking to Americans", years before Sacha Baron Cohen started making fun of them about their ignorance.

Subject: quality of your readers

Dear Sir,

I'd like to complain about the quality of your readers. It seems they aren't content to lay back and think of England, but believe that it's big and clever to complain about the quality of your writers. I for one believe everything I read and would urge others to do the same. Mind you, that Vic Ferrule's a bit hard to take. And as for that Thomas geezer…

Alphonso Spinola,

Chipping Campden home for the confused, Biggleswade, Iceland.

Subject: Thank you!

I just read your article in the INQ in response to Andrew Thomas's attack on truth. I want to say thank you for exposing him for what he is, a intolerant fundamentalist.

again, Thank You
Ryan N. Ward

Subject: what is whackypedia?

is whackpedia just spam CRAP?

I read your site every day; 10 times a day-- never heard that before.. did I miss a couple of articles over the holidays?

oh yeah you jerks don't celebrate ThanksGiving do you?



Subject: The Inkwell is no longer worth reading

It's just all noise and negativity and shilling, etc. these days. Hardly any news or stories of value.

Fudo constantly shills for Nvidia, ATI and Asus, even when their products are proven to be defective by such sites as Hexus. Charlie writes diatribes that put me to sleep, when he could state his "analysis" in ten sentences or less. Nick Farrell constantly defends Piracy and believes everything government does is an invasion of privacy or in violation of the first Amendment as if free speech covers everything in life. Paul Hale thinks every effort that authorities in the UK and US make to insure airplane passenger safety is "an invasion of privacy". Ian Williams doesn't have a clue when it comes to product reviews but thinks the pretty boxes that the hardware come in are nice.

Is this REALLY how you wanted The Inquirer to turn out?


Subject: standards

Re the aura squib:

Very entertaining. One quibble: the phrase should be "maketh not the man". "Maketh" means does make, so "doesn't maketh" is redundant.

Perhaps the increasing carelessness in social behaviour and carelessness with grammar are related phenomena. Perhaps I'm a sixty three year old curmudgeon.

I read and enjoy the Inquirer daily.


Subject: Microsoft's activation scheme is just plain stupid


So you think that because you write nice things about MS that they will listen to you?

I doubt it.


Subject: ASK X wants milk AND cookies?

One downside (and i consider it a major one) is it requires...

# JavaScript enabled on your browser.
# Cookies enabled on your browser.
# You computer desktop must have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

The last one i have no issue with, 1024x768 is commonly surpassed by the vast majority of net surfing PCs, but requiring javascript and cookies is a bit over the top.

Its like saying that in order to drive a car i must have a mobile phone, because the car wants to be able to contact its service dealer, the police (to tell them if i am speeding) and the petrol station i am pulling into.

Byron Mulvogue

Subject: bad interviews

I find in Silicon Valley that you have the opposite effect. Employers do outrageous things. I mean, dude, there are sexual harassment laws in the US, so hearing female geek friends complain about being interviewed by senior male tech staff who spend the entire interview staring at the poor lady's chest...

And then there's Google, who spits on you if you don't have 12 PhD's and invented gravity, yourself, personally ;-)

Seriously - the employers are way more rude than they should be so people failing to put up with it is perfectly reasonable. Do you really want to work for a place that treats you like dirt?


Subject: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Microsoft

Tristan Smyth's discovery that the EFF is a charity and subsequent horror that they would actually solicit for donations is a perfect example of the problem that Free software advocates suffer purely because of a quirk of the English language.

To set Tristan right, he should understand that the "Free" in "Free Software" has nothing to do with money and everything to do with liberty -- e.g. the freedom to tweak, the freedom to change and the freedom to customize software so that it does exactly what you, or your /paying/ client wants it to.

Tristan might want to withhold judgement about who is an "ayatollah" until Microsoft is able to at least reach that bar and enables consultants to customize MS code to best meet the needs of their clients.

Isolde R Doe

Subject: Apache Ant

You say that you dont know what Apache Ant is.

It is a 'build tool', like make, that compiles, tests, packages and releases software. Its written in Java, and focuses on Java applications.

It is the main build tool in the Java ecosystem, and all main IDEs have excellent support for it. As a result, you can have different team members using different tools (Netbeans, eclipse, Idea, emacs) and still share the same team build. you can also have a dedicated machine running the builds for you, and sending complaints if something breaks. Tools like CruiseControl, Luntbuild and AntHill do this. There is also Apache Gump ( which does a clean build of all the open source java projects it knows about, every night, on the Sun, harmony and Kaffe JVMs.

Oh, and its in XML.



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