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Microsoft pits Cortana against Siri in self-serving advert

Accuses Apple’s voice assistant of talking out of its arse
Tue Sep 02 2014, 12:55
Microsoft advertises how Cortana is better than Apple's Siri

MICROSOFT MARKETING WAGS have produced a video advert that lampoons Apple's Siri digital assistant and makes its own Cortana virtual advisor look better.

We have been here before. Microsoft often places its offerings against the competition, with varying success.

Each advert, as expected, puts the Redmond alternative in a glowing light, and we have seen it in action against Google's services and Apple's appliances.

Microsoft's latest volley called "Siri vs Cortana - Mirror Mirror" is on Youtube now and shows Siri and Cortana having a chat. Siri is represented by the iPhone while Cortana is provided with a body in the HTC One M8.

To tell a short story shorter, Cortana makes Siri look rather shabby indeed, and ultimately the Apple digital companion is "bested" by the placement of its speaker.

In conversation Cortana is shown holding her own and talking in an easy rolling manner. Siri on the other hand sounds like Cortana after she has been dropped on her head.

The script is mercifully short, much like the commercial, and Cortana is cast as George to Siri's Lennie. Siri is somewhat vapid and enters the advert looking in a mirror and commenting on how pretty she is.

The Apple model tells the hefty Microsoft model that it looks "nice", this gives its rival the opportunity to wax self-promotional. The advert winds up with a comment on the handsets' speakers, and the fact that Siri keeps hers in the bottom of the iPhone.

If you want to base your purchasing decisions on Silicon Valley banter, the video is embedded below. µ


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