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Rupert Murdoch says Google is a bigger threat to privacy than the NSA

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Mon Aug 18 2014, 15:18
Rupert Murdoch has claimed that Google is a bigger threat to individual privacy than the US National Security Agency (NSA)

RUPERT MURDOCH HAS WHINGED that internet giant Google is a bigger threat to individual privacy than the US National Security Agency (NSA).

No one asked him, but he proclaimed it anyway. He announced it over Twitter, and he did not comment on where News International ranks in this league table of the privacy trampling game that he presumably scores on his own, but it is likely that it ranks somewhere alongside wet rice paper tents, wearing chaps and no trousers, and rock quarry-based glass houses.

Murdoch, whose News International has reported on hacking and privacy and has been the subject of such reports and court cases and punitive verdicts regarding communications privacy, occasionally lends his voice to a debate that is proceeding well without him. Since he launched himself onto the Twittersphere he has both praised and denounced Google in equal measure.

In April he called out Google for criticising the NSA, and he has also called it an enabler of 'piracy', saying, "Piracy leader is Google who streams movies free, sells [adverts] around them. No wonder pouring millions into lobbying."

At one time the publishing magnate appeared to warm to Google, though we suspect that the octogenarian financial manipulator might have had an ulterior motive.

Ultimately, we should remember that Murdoch was forced to close the News of the World, a one hundred year old tabloid, because of its habit of eviscerating privacy. So perhaps we could call him an expert.

Murdoch also offers dieting advice and has suggested that red meat gives Bill Clinton a healthy glow.

He does not, however, have any interest in whether his daughter is friends with the UK Prime Minister. Typically, relations between Murdoch's publishing empire alumni and UK government politicians do not end well.

Both Google and the NSA also have tarnished reputations regarding privacy. µ


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