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Aussie hackers get Doom working on an ATM

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Mon Jul 28 2014, 15:23

HACKERS IN AUSTRALIA have succeeded in running classic first person shooter game Doom on a bank cash machine.

The ATM, which runs Windows XP Embedded, can be controlled using the device's buttons, with the game appearing on the screen in place of the message telling you the size of your overdraft.

Unlike other versions of Windows XP, which reached end of life in April of this year despite one in five computers still running it, the embedded version will continue to receive support through 2019, leading to some users hacking their computers into representing that they are cash machines in order to continue receiving additional updates, a practice frowned upon by Microsoft's marketing department.

Although fundamentally this is a story about some people who got Windows to run a Windows game, the hacking did require hardware modification to remap the buttons using an I-PAC2, the same device that can be used to mimic a USB keyboard in an arcade machine.

At the moment, weapons selection is done through the arrow buttons to the side of the screen, and the group already has plans to get the number keys up and running.

Although the demonstration video doesn't give away too many of the hacking secrets, it does appear that the Windows environment has been preserved with the possible addition of some sort of DOS emulator.

The hackers have already managed to get the receipt printer working and have suggested that one in five computers still running it could be adapted to provide proof of your progress to others. µ


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