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Pretend you're a wizard with Google Glass MindRDR app

Post images to Facebook and Twitter just by thinking
Thu Jul 10 2014, 11:55
Google Glass MindRDR application

A UK STARTUP called This Place has released an application that lets you control Google Glass with your mind.

The open source app called MindRDR, acts as a link between Google Glass and the Neurosky EEG biosensor headset, which is a plastic headband that sits on your forehead - ideal for those who thought Glass didn't look silly enough on its own.

MindRDR is quite limited at the moment, although it likely will still make users feel like a wizard, allowing for images to be taken and uploaded to Facebook just by the wearer concentrating.

MindRDR shows up as a thin white line on Glass's screen, which moves upwards the more the user concentrates. Once that line reaches the top, it takes a picture, and you simply to repeat the process to upload the image to a social network.

"MindRDR connects Google Glass with a device to monitor brain activity, allowing users to take pictures and socialise them on Twitter or Facebook. No physical interaction required," This Place said.

"Once a user has decided to share an image, we analyse their brain data and provide an evaluation of their ability to control the interface with their mind. This information is attached to every shared image."

This Place has released the app's code for free on Github in hopes that other developers will use it for more advanced projects. Dusan Hamlin, founder and CEO of This Place, suggested that it might find a place in the medical industry.

"MindRDR could enable those with locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia the opportunity to interact with the wider world using Google Glass,as currently users either have to touch it or use voice commands, which are restrictive for those with certain disabilities," he said.

"All we could think was: how can we make the user's experience even better? We wanted to realise the true potential of Glass by allowing users to control it with their minds." µ


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