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Qualcomm says mobile devices will be responsible for the dominance of 4K content

Believes the biggest generator of 4K content 'could be in your pocket already'
Wed Jul 09 2014, 13:32

QUALCOMM HAS SAID that mobile devices will be the driving force behind the dominance of 4K content creation and consumption due to the general mass adoption of smartphones and the affordability of devices that support the resolution.

Speaking at a Qualcomm and EE event in Westminster today, president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Europe Enrico Salvatori showed a slide entitled "Mobile is the driving force behind the rise of 4K: the biggest generator of 4K content could be in your pocket already".

Qualcomm mobile will push 4K

"4K in particular on the TV side is already happening [but] what is the link between from 4K and mobile?" Salvitori asked. "The link is with the user experience we can provide with the display resolution in this space," he said.

"Why we think we should start to invest in 4K [and] make [it] available in the smartphone and tablet is that, at the end of the day, the device will provide the content, so the mass adoption of the smartphone is driving it in terms of making it available.

"The smartphone is a consumer device that is affordable, so the 4k content will be available in a huge number of users."

Salvatori said that smartphones, which are increasingly supporting 4K recording and playback, are expected to reach 3.7 billion in 2017, and this, alongside the affordability of mobile in comparison to other 4K content playback devices, such as 4K TVs, is why Qualcomm thinks high resolution content will be pushed by mobile.

The ability of 4K content generation of mobile phones is another major driving force for 4K prevalence, Salvatori said. He mentioned the high resolution cameras being fitted as standard in smartphones, for example.

The relatively short three-year replacement cycle of smartphones and tablets will also be responsible for the dominance of 4K content, Qualcomm said, compared with the five-year replacement cycle of PCs and eight to 10 years of TVs.

"We can upgrade the consumer electronic device or the smartphone to the 4K with a short cycle so this means that the smart device will be the entry door for the 4K content into the market and then of course through the device we can provide the content," Salvitori added.

With this in mind, Qualcomm has ensured that its most recent flagship mobile processor, the Snapdragon 805, supports 4K content, combined with a wireless modem that is capable of supporting the delivery of high quality data over 4G connections.

At its event today, Qualcomm also said 4K technology will go mainstream this year, with 78 percent of UK retails expecting a growth in 4K devices being promoted for Christmas, with 60 percent of those retailers considering that video created on mobile device "to be a critical" contributor in driving 4K content adoption. µ


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