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Xbox One advert sees Aaron Paul turning on viewers' consoles

"Xbox on, bitch"
Fri Jun 13 2014, 11:26

XBOX ONE OWNERS are complaining that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul turned on their console without their permission.

A television advert airing in the UK (below) sees Aaron Paul demonstrating the console's voice-controlled Kinect system by saying "Xbox on" to power up his console. However, owners of the Xbox One have moaned that their consoles have switched on as a result of the voice command.

One Twitter user moaned, "@Xbox your new TV advert is annoying the hell outta me. Aaron Paul keeps turning my console on… #stooooop", while another tweeted Aaraon Paul with the message, "I'd appreciate it if your xbox commercial didn't turn on my xbox every god damn time."

Not everyone was so whiney, with one Reddit user writing, "Haha, this just turned my Xbox on, awesome!"

Microsoft told the BBC that it had no comment on the issue, but said that the prompt has been included in previous adverts without any users complaining.

We're not so sure Microsoft is telling the full truth, however. The BBC noted that in November, an internet advert that featured the command "Xbox go to Dead Rising 3" launched the game on some users' systems.

It has been reported previously that some Xbox gamers have been joining online matches with names such as "Xbox Turn Off" or "Xbox Sign Out" and purposefully aggravating other players until they mention them by name, resulting in them exiting the game.

Of course the problem can easily be avoided by disabling the Xbox One's Kinect sensor, and Microsoft started selling a version of the console last week without the Kinect motion sensor. Rather than to combat issues with its voice commands feature, Microsoft likely did this to match the list price of Sony's PS4, which has been trouncing Microsoft's Xbox One sales figures. µ


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