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Kim Dotcom wants whistleblowers to aid his copyright case

Gives five million reasons to help him out
Mon Jun 09 2014, 09:37

KIM DOTCOM is offering a $5m reward to anyone that can help him fight back against the copyright cartels.

The filesharing magnate has political ambitions now, and some of his assets back. He will use some of the latter to reward any whistleblower that wants to come forward with pertinent internal evidence.

Dotcom told Torrentfreak about his $5m bounty offer, and tweeted a number of links to articles about it. He is pleased to be in a position to fight back against opponents with huge resources and the 'piracy' bit between their teeth.

"Let me be clear, we are asking for information that proves unlawful or corrupt conduct by the US government, the New Zealand government, spy agencies, law enforcement and Hollywood," he told Torrentfreak.

"It is the opinion of my legal team that disclosure of such information would be lawful. I would also guarantee that any whistleblower coming forward would have the best legal representation at zero cost."

Dotcom has always lambasted the case against him, and has managed to shine a critical light on everything from the raid on his house to the seizure of his assets.

The Megaupload founder has called the action against him "corrupt" and accused the US of leaning on New Zealand authorities and law enforcement.

"Former Senator and now MPAA chairman Chris Dodd and Vice President Joe Biden in particular have abused their political power to make the pre-trial destruction of Megaupload possible," he added.

"We have already exposed a whole range of unlawful government conduct in the Megaupload case, backed by court rulings."

Dotcom recommended that anyone with information work as hard as they can to remain as anonymous - to the authorities - as possible.

As for the bounty, it is still being finalised, but Dotcom said that anyone with "useful" information will be able to get a reward.

"I'm currently in talks with my legal team about how to formalise the bounty. We will probably setup a trust account to deposit the bounty and provide terms and conditions for anyone who will provide information. I will not just offer a bounty for the piece of 'case winning' information but for anything useful," he said.

"We know that there are people out there with information. I'm willing to pay for that information." µ


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