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China calls for the US to stop 'unscrupulous' spying

Claims it is putting global cyber security 'under threat'
Tue May 27 2014, 09:37
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THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT has asked the US to halt its spying and surveillance, a week after the US accused it of doing the same.

The Chinese government news agency Xinhua published the full text of the multipage report, which said that the Chinese authorities have accused the US of being "unscrupulous" and of having "an ugly face".

"As a superpower, the United States takes advantage of its political, economic, military and technological hegemony to unscrupulously monitor other countries, including its allies. The United States' spying operations have gone far beyond the legal rationale of 'anti-terrorism' and have exposed its ugly face of pursuing self-interest in complete disregard of moral integrity," it said.

"These operations have flagrantly breached International laws, seriously infringed upon the human rights and put global cyber security under threat. They deserve to be rejected and condemned by the whole world."

It accused the US of a number of things, all of which are aimed at China and other countries. The report, called The United States' Global Surveillance Record, and drawn up by the Chinese Internet Media Research Center, said that the US collects details on five billion mobile phone calls every day and is indiscriminate in its surveillance.

"Targets of US surveillance include the Chinese government and Chinese leaders, Chinese companies, scientific research institutes, ordinary netizens, and a large number of cell phone users," it added.

"China sticks to the path of peaceful development, and sees no justification for being targeted by America's secret surveillance under the guise of fighting terrorism. America must explain its surveillance activities, cease spying operations that seriously infringe upon human rights and stop creating tension and hostility in global cyberspace."

US prosecutors have accused the Chinese military of hacking into and observing a number of US corporations and utilities. China baulked at this and issued a denial, and now has it has thrown back similar accusations at the US. µ


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