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Anarchists will drop anti-Google anti-capital campaign for $3bn

Plan to fund anti-capitalist communities
Mon Apr 07 2014, 13:27
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AN ANARCHIST GROUP has offered internet giant Google a deal, give us $3bn and we will leave you alone.

A group calling itself Counterforce has upped its anti-Google tirades recently and this weekend it positioned itself outside of the home of Kevin Rose, a partner at venture capital outfit Google Ventures.

A blog called Kevin Rose is a Terrible Person paints a picture of the problem that the group has with the man, the money and the machine.

It draws him as something of a poster boy for a poisoned Silicon Valley and describes him in nothing but damning terms.

No Rose stone is left unturned and his personality and career are poured over. He is, says that group, at the head of a bunch of drunk baby men who are destroying society for their own ends.

"Kevin Rose and other venture capitalists like him literally design and implement this entire exploitive system. They do it because they are drunk on their own power, caught up in a sense of importance bestowed upon them by the type of wealth most of us will never interact with. Kevin Rose will rise and fall with the elites of the dominant order," the group said.

"While we struggle to be included in the trickle-down of wealth through dehumanising menial labour, these techies, entrepreneurs, and capitalists take over the world. Knowing that at the vanguard of this tech invasion are people like Kevin Rose only increases our desire to completely stop the current insanity."

Rose and many others are serial investors, but Counterforce has selected him as a symbol and a key player in the dehumanisation of society. It added that he makes a fitting and apt figurehead.

"Tech is now about creating and selling the new indispensable commodity that everyone must have in order to be less bored, less lost, less ridden with anxiety. We want no part of this disgusting and creepy game being played by a bunch power deranged man-children," it added.

This unrest has lead to action, and the group said that unless Google kicks $3bn to an anarchist outfit of its choosing, it will find itself in trouble.

"This money will then be used to create autonomous, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist communities throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. In these communities, whether in San Francisco or in the woods, no one will ever have to pay rent and housing will be free," it claimed.

"With this three billion from Google, we will solve the housing crisis in the Bay Area and prove to the world that an anarchist world is not only possible but in fact irrepressible. If given the chance, most humans will pursue a course towards increased freedom and greater liberty. As it stands, only people like Kevin Rose are given the opportunity to reshape their world, and look at what they do with those opportunities."

The group has made its offer carefully, and it said that Google is in a good position. It can either spare itself from the "revolution" that it threatens, or it can prove that anarchist communities do not work in practice.

Kevin Rose accepted the doorstep protest and revealed on Twitter that he shares some of the concerns of his new neighbours.

"I did agree [with] them that we need to solve rising rents, keep the [San Francisco] culture, and crack down on landlords booting folks out," he said. µ


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