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Steve Wozniak admits he doesn't have Netflix because his broadband is 'too slow'

Apple co-founder slams 'lousy' internet provider
Thu Mar 13 2014, 16:20
CeBit Steve Wozniak

APPLE CO-FOUNDER Steve Wozniak has admitted that he doesn't subscribe to Netflix because his home broadband service is "too slow".

Speaking at the Cebit trade show in Germany, Wozniak kicked off his speech by slamming his rubbish home broadband, which has left him unable to access streaming services such as Netflix.

When asked why he doesn't have a Netflix subscription, he responded "I don't have high enough broadband speed where I live, I've got a lousy phone company. So, basically, I don't watch television, I just download films from iTunes - although sometimes I have to wait 13 hours for one movie to download.

"My LTE is just as bad. I never get speeds above 1Mbps where I live," he added.

Of course, Wozniak didn't spend all of his time bemoaning his broadband bandwidth, and talk quickly took a turn to the dark side as the Apple co-founder was asked about his knowledge of US National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance.

Wozniak was quick to voice his support for Edward Snowden, saying they share the same beliefs and adding that he wished he had been "as courageous" as the NSA whistleblower.

"Edward Snowden is a hero to me. I have very strong beliefs in freedom. I believe that Snowden believed, like I do, that the US has a right to freedom, and he has sacrified his life for this principle. I wish I had been so brave."

It seems that the two might have met briefly, although Wozniak isn't 100 percent sure.

"I was in Moscow, and I was at an Apple museum. There was about 30 people there, and a guy came up and he looked just like Snowden. I never saw him again, and it could have been him," he added.

Talk soon turned to whether Wozniak was aware of a rumoured backdoor in Apple's software that enabled the NSA to snoop on iPhone users' data. Wozniak admitted that he did not know, but said that he remained optimistic.

"I have no idea. My first expectation is no they didn't. Maybe it was done deliberately, maybe it was done accidentally. It could have been a coding mistake."

"I am hoping that Apple is the purest of all of the companies, and will strive to protect its customers data," he added.

Wozniak remains a fan of Apple products too, and despite having previously applauded Android devices, said that he remains committed to his three iPhones and his Macbook Pro.

"Mostly I use my iPhones, and I use my Macbook Pro. I live in both worlds, but the computer is probably more important overall.

"We're in one of these periods where new products are so good. Apple does products that are so good, they don't need to be updated for a long time. They look very similar, because you've already hit the good formula." µ


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