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Tim Berners-Lee didn't expect so many cats on the World Wide Web

Now he's having kittens
Thu Mar 13 2014, 13:34
A close-up of Sir Tim Berners-Lee

WORLD WIDE WEB inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee took to Reddit yesterday for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) to celebrate a quarter century of the world wide web (www), and he told the world that the popularity of cats on his creation was his biggest surprise of the last 25 years.

In responding to the question, "What was one of the things you never thought the internet would be used for, but has actually become one of the main reasons people use the internet?" he replied, "Kittens".

Following on from his open letter in which he touched on the topics of net neutrality and privacy, he was asked, "Do you think in the (not too distant) future we'll look back and think ourselves lucky to have witnessed a neutral, free, and uncensored world wide web?"

He answered thoughtfully that he at least hoped that the idea would not be a memory. He said, "I think it is up to us. I'm not guessing, I'm hoping. Yes, I can imagine that all to easily. If ordinary web users are not sufficiently aware of threats and get involved and if necessary take to the streets like for SOPA and PIPA and ACTA. On balance? I am optimistic."

Defending Edward Snowden, he told readers, "Because he had no other alternative, engaged as a journalist / with a journalist to be careful of how what was released, and provided an important net overall benefit to the world, I think he should be protected, and we should have ways of protecting people like him.

"Because we can try to design perfect systems of government, and they will never be perfect, and when they fail, then the whistleblower may be all that saves society."

When asked if his support for the Encrypted Media Extension protocols in HTML5 made him a net neutrality hypocrite, he responded with a meme.

Applaud all the things. µ




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