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Intel CEO talks up wearables, 3D printing, Moore's Law and Apple in Reddit AMA

Brian Krzanich hints at a wearable device he can't talk about yet
Thu Feb 20 2014, 11:52
Intel CEO Krzanich with Quark chip at IDF 2013

CHIPMAKER Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich hinted at the development of an internally-built wearable device and discussed the end of Moore's law, 3D printing, the future of the PC and the chipmaker's relationship with Apple, all in an online Q&A session on Wednesday.

Talking up the company as part of a Reddit Ask me Anything (AMA), the Intel CEO said he is using a couple of wearable devices, one of which "is an internal Intel one I can't tell you about yet", with the other being a wristwatch that tracks biometrics like heart rate and pace steps.

"It's interesting, I change [wearables] regularly so I can understand the experience and what would make me want the device to be a part of my life," Krzanich said.

When asked where he sees the computing industry heading in the next five years, Krzanich highlighted that the overall trend in PCs, tablets and smartphones over the last 30 years is that devices are becoming smaller, lighter, more portable and more connected.

"Think about it, it went from mainframes to desktops to laptops to tablets and phones [and] it won't stop there," Krzanich said. "Everyone who thinks it will stop is wrong, it just keeps going down that curve, driven by Moore's Law."

Krzanich maintained that he is a sceptic about the end of Moore's law, as there's no evidence that it will end any time soon.

"In my 30 years I think I have seen the forecasted end of Moore's law at least five or six times," he said. "At any one point we can typically see about 10 years out, with pretty good clarity in the three to five years and much less clarity five to 10 years. But so far in that 10 year horizon, we don't see anything that says it will end in that timeframe."

When asked if he sees 3D printing as taking a big role in chip and board production in the future, Krzanich said he beleives it will change the business innovation world over the next few years.

"I don't even think we've scratched the surface on how 3D printing will change the way things get made," he said. "New materials and capabilities will continue to be developed and be able to be 3D printed, and as that occur, more and more uses will be identified and whole industries will be changed."

Krzanich also discussed Intel's relationship with Apple, describing it as "close".

"We've always had a very close relationship with Apple and it continues to grow closer, we're always trying to build the relationship with all of our customers to be closer."

He added, "The former CEO Paul Otellini used to say we win when our customers win... it's always stuck with me." µ


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