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Google helps Glass explorers on matters of etiquette

Always behave with a touch of Glass
Wed Feb 19 2014, 13:25
Google Glass is not the most subtle wearable tech

WEARABLES DESIGNER Google has published an open letter to its Glass Explorer beta testers about how to behave with civility and decorum while wearing the devices.

The list was created by asking experienced Glass Explorers what being part of the programme has meant to them. Here is a list of its etiquette tips, with some clarifying notes by The INQUIRER as a public service.

Do explore the world around you. In other words, use Glass to enhance your life, not retreat from it. It then suggests having a hangout, and getting updates on a delayed flight, which sounds like a bit of a contradiction in terms to us.

Do take advantage of the Glass voice commands. Among the suggest uses for your free hands are "golfing, cooking or juggling flaming torches while balancing on a beach ball". We're not sure about that last one. It also suggests "taking a one of a kind photo from your unique perspective".

Do ask for permission. A difficult one this, but we've come up with a good opening gambit for use at a party, "Hi, you're all drunk and behaving ridiculously. Mind if I stare creepily at you for the next two hours and then upload the whole thing to Youtube?".

Do be an active and vocal member of the Glass Explorer Community. Because then The INQUIRER gets to write more articles like this one.

Don't Glass-out. The chances are if you're using TV Catchup and get into watching a Chelsea match, you'll appear to be staring into space for a long time and might find yourself being shouted at, or possibly worse.

Don't Rock Glass while doing high-impact sports. Really? The INQUIRER Predator Paintball Recreationist Society will be gutted about that one.

Don't wear it and expect to be ignored. "If you're worried about someone interrupting that romantic dinner at a nice restaurant with a question about Glass, just take it off and put it around the back of your neck." We might add that anyone who actually wears Google Glass to a romantic meal should expect that she'll probably pour a bottle of Chablis over you before she walks out, so you'll ruin your evening anyway.

Don't be creepy or rude (aka a "Glasshole"). "Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass". In other words - you're a Google brand ambassador and you'll make Google look bad if you behave badly.

We contacted Debretts to ask if it will include Google Glass in its next edition. It hasn't got back to us. How rude.

Google Glass is expected to be released for sale to the public sometime in 2014. µ


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