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Minority Report-style user interface for Windows and Mac hits Kickstarter

Might add iOs and Android if it reaches its pledge goal of 25K
Tue Feb 04 2014, 14:03

A USER INTERFACE (UI) that allows users to interact with digital surfaces in the style of the film Minority Report has hit Kickstarter.

With a pledge goal of $25,000, the company responsible for the project is Swiss firm Dizmo, which has developed the software due to the perceived "inadequacy" of today's user interfaces.

Dizmo on a tablie

According to Dizmo, today's UIs do not provide an easy, direct and intuitive way to access the software we manage on a range of handheld devices.

"Imagine a world where the touch screens of the future are a reality and you can share content and use applications seamlessly across multiple devices, displays and surfaces. All-around environments where the interface and user experience are those we have come to love in TV series and movies," Dizmo explained on its Kickstarter project page.

Invented to "enrich real time collaboration in the classroom, boardroom and office", Dizmo can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux and works in an area called "dizmo space", where users are able to use devices with any smart display, share content and also visualise and control wireless devices such as lights, plant sensors, alarms, and webcams by interacting with the Internet of Things.

Users can move, rotate and resize what probably best resemble Android Widgets, which Dizmo refers to as digital gizmos, or "dizmos". These can be created and used at the same time, with as many copies available as the user wants.

Dizmo UI Minority Report Close up

"Swiftly navigate through an infinite digital space with a zoomable user interface, move and share dizmos between various devices, across rooms or locations, making your digital gizmos ubiquitous through the cloud [and] build your own dizmos, by using the dizmo SDK," Dizmo said.

It doesn't make any difference whether you use a touchscreen, an infrared pen or even a touchpad or a mouse to perform these actions, as Dizmo unifies these different ways of interacting with applications. For example, the company said the software could be used to manage multitasking environments.

"Use your digital book of recipes to prepare your favourite dish, while following your friends on Twitter, keeping an eye on your baby monitor and the front door webcam," Dizmo said. "At the same time, be able to follow the latest news or make a video call, all on the same touchscreen."

With the SDK, developers can get a software toolkit to quickly create "digital gizmos" and connect them to create new services as well as completely new user experiences and designs.

Dizmo is looking for backers to help get the project off the ground and provide some feedback so it can be released towards the end of the second quarter 2014.

If the project exceeds its goal, Dizmo said it will aim to bring the UI to additional operating systems like Android and iOS.

"This version will be web browser based, with the additional funding, we will bring in the developers necessary to make this happen," the firm added. µ



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