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Larry Ellison claims Oracle servers are untouchable

We always knew that oracles don’t look backwards
Thu Jan 30 2014, 16:43
Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

AMERICA'S CUP YACHTSMAN and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has claimed that Oracle's servers can't be subverted or monitored by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Ellison made the claims at an Oracle shareholder event, according to a Reuters report. He didn't mince words and came out with the frank statement that whatever the NSA does, it can't touch Oracle.

"To the best of our knowledge, an Oracle database hasn't been broken into for a couple of decades by anybody," Ellison said. "It's so secure, there are people that complain," he added.

Some would disagree, including British security researcher David Litchfield, who has written a book called "The Oracle Hacker's Handbook" and has been publicly calling out Ellison's company for over a decade.

On Twitter today, Litchfield suggested that Ellison is "someone who should spend less time sailing and more on what's actually going on with his software".

In the early days Ellison set up the company to assist the CIA and other US government agencies by creating a database system. The name for that database was Oracle, and Ellison adopted the name for his company.

Recently and more commonly, information technology firms have distanced themselves from reports about the NSA and other three and four letter US government agencies, and we can't think of another that has challenged people to attack it.

Earlier this week several firms including Apple, Microsoft and Google welcomed a policy change that allows them to be more open about data surveillance requests and disclosures.

Last summer Ellison spoke out about NSA surveillance, but not in any way that might be considered critical.

"Who's ever heard of this information being misused by the government? It's great," he said, "President Obama thinks it's essential. It's essential if we want to minimise the kind of strikes we just had in Boston." However Oracle is very worried about terrorism. After all, it's a longtime friend of the CIA. µ


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