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Bookie firm says iPhone users are smarter than the rest

Faster, anyway
Thu Jan 02 2014, 16:26

ACCORDING TO AN ONLINE STUDY, iPhone users are smarter than Android users.

This only applies to mobile phone users who completed a short quiz presented online by UK bookmaker Ladbrokes to compare themselves against other like-minded, time rich web gamblers.

We did the test, up to a point. We completed the questions and waited for the webpage to do something. It didn't, so we moved on. We do not know whether we, in this instance as an Apple user, are more or less intelligent than a Samsung user, for example, but we will not lose sleep over it.

According to the Daily Mail, Ladbrokes asked 1,000 users of its betting app to take part in the survey. It found that iPhone users are more intelligent, that is, can answer multiple choice questions more quickly, than Samsung, Blackberry and HTC smartphone owners.

It seems that iPhone users completed the test in the shortest time, 94 seconds on average, while Blackberry users were the slowest, at 118 seconds.

Samsung users took 103 seconds, and ranked third behind Googlers, who took 99 seconds.

Between Samsung and Blackberry were HTC and Nokia users, who took 105 seconds and 109 seconds to answer the seven questions, respectively.

The Daily Mail said, "The brand of phone you buy can say a thing or two about your income and lifestyle," which is news to us.

The questions are brain teasers, including how many 9s are there between 1 and 100, 20, and how many months have 28 days, which of course, is all of them.

You can try out the quiz here. Some among you might take a run at it twice and use your second score to boast about your brain power. Or, maybe, just wave your phone around. It's all the same to some. µ


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