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Edward Snowden pens an open letter to the people of Brazil

Offers to work with them
Tue Dec 17 2013, 15:22
Edward Snowden NSA Prism whistleblower

GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE whistleblower Edward Snowden has published an open letter to the people of Brazil in which he says that he would like to assist in uncovering survellance there but is being held back.

Snowden said that he has paid a price for his revelations and that price is his passport. Now stateless and without a passport he has accepted his fate.

His example, he hopes, will inspire the people of Brazil and the world. "The price for my speech was my passport, but I would pay it again: I will not be the one to ignore criminality for the sake of political comfort. I would rather be without a state than without a voice," he said.

"If Brazil hears only one thing from me, let it be this: when all of us band together against injustices and in defense of privacy and basic human rights, we can defend ourselves from even the most powerful systems."

Were he more free to travel Snowden might have made his way to Brazil, he said, and he would have taken up the government's request for assistance, if he could have.

"Many Brazilian senators agree, and have asked for my assistance with their investigations of suspected crimes against Brazilian citizens. I have expressed my willingness to assist wherever appropriate and lawful, but unfortunately the United States government has worked very hard to limit my ability to do so - going so far as to force down the Presidential Plane of Evo Morales to prevent me from traveling to Latin America!," he added, saying that things will stay this way until some nation grants him asylum.

"Until a country grants permanent political asylum, the US government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak." µ


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