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Microsoft takes Google's Chromebook out for a Scroogled spin

Really gives it a hard time
Fri Dec 06 2013, 13:13

NEGATIVE MARKETING EXPERT Microsoft has pitched up on a street corner in California with a Chromebook and a thick line of patter about how crap it is.

The firm is asking people whether a Chromebook is everything they need. A better question, and more apt given the tone of the thing, would be, "Do you use Microsoft Outlook?"

The Chromebook is wheeled out in front of bemused passers-by and shown to be unable to complete some tasks while not connected to the internet and not running Windows.

Other passers-by are polled on whether they have one, know anyone who has one, or has ever seen one in use. The answer to all of these questions is always a rather firm "no".

This is not surprising. If people were to wax lyrical about the Chromebook to a camera crew and interviewer on Microsoft's payroll their responses would be very unlikely to make it out of the cutting room.

Polled people who made the cut did things like use Illustrator and Photoshop on their laptops, or Microsoft's Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications.

Microsoft Office users baulked at the Chromebook, saying that it was useless to them and impractical because it could not run their preferred software.

This is another salvo in Microsoft's skin crawlingly pointless Scroogled war of words. Mostly one sided, and mostly involving Microsoft spending its money to get people to talk badly about Google, the campaign awkwardly pushes forward like the rear end of a pantomime horse.

Google, which for the most part has not been drawn into the name calling, has the upper hand thanks to its last pithy response to Microsoft selling Scroogled mugs and T-shirts.

"Microsoft's latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space really is heating up," it said glibly. µ


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