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Apple's iPhone 5S outsells the iPhone 5C 'three to one' in the UK

But cheaper model lures buyers from Samsung and LG smartphones
Mon Dec 02 2013, 10:58
iOS 7 side by side on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

GADGET DESIGNER Apple's iPhone 5S is outselling the cheaper iPhone 5C "three to one" in the UK, according to the latest figures from analyst outfit Kantar Worldpanel Comtech.

UK punters clearly haven't been wowed by Apple's "unashamedly plastic" iPhone 5C, as Kantar reported that the more expensive iPhone 5S has outsold the cheaper model three to one in Britain.

However, demand for both smartphones boosted Apple's market share from the previous month, although Kantar noted that Apple's third quarter UK market share slipped to 28.7 percent, down from 32.7 percent in 2012.

This could be due to the lack of new features in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C handsets, with Kantar speculating that customers might be holding off until the iPhone 6 appears next year.

Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech said, "In almost all markets, the iPhone 5S and [iPhone] 5C releases have given iOS a significant bounce compared to the previous month.

"Generally, Apple's share of the market still remains lower than when the iPhone 5 was released, although this is not wholly unexpected as shoppers tend to react more positively to full releases than incremental improvements such as the [iPhone] 5S and [iPhone] 5C."

In the US, Kantar said that the iPhone 5C managed to attract customers to the iOS ecosystem, in particular those in low income households.

Sunnebo added, "The good news for Apple is that this wider appeal is attracting significant switching from competitors. Almost half of iPhone 5C owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG, compared with 80 percent of [iPhone] 5S owners who upgraded from a previous iPhone model."

Kantar noted that Android perhaps unsurprisingly managed to maintain its lead in the third quarter. In the UK, Google's mobile operating system boasted 55.6 percent of the smartphone market in the third quarter, an increase from 54 percent in 2012.

Windows Phone too, continued to grow, as Microsoft's mobile operating system market share increased 7.4 percent in the third quarter to 11.9 percent of the smartphone market.

Sunnebo added, "Momentum for Windows Phone is continuing, although its growth remains reliant on low-end handsets. In Britain, almost three quarters of Nokia Lumia sales in the latest period were low-end devices such as the Lumia 520 and [Lumia] 620 - a pattern that is similar across other EU markets." µ


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