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Infinity Ward shows off Call of Duty: Ghosts single player action

Clash, bang, wallop, what a video
Wed Sep 11 2013, 13:08
Out on November 5

GAME DEVELOPER Infinity Ward has shown off the first example of the single player gameplay on offer in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released soon, on 5 November. Gamers have already been shown what the multiplayer game will be like, and now they can have a look at the single player gameplay.

The campaign action trailer has been posted to Youtube. It starts in space with a gunfight then a satellite starts slamming missiles down to earth.

"You never expect something you trust to turn against you," says a voiceover, "The rods did not just decimate the land. It left us open to full scale invasion." We think he said rods, anyway.

Enemies from "South of the Equator" arrive and soon overwhelm what looks like a very crippled USA.

However, they will not have counted on you, your team, and that dog you will be taking along with you. Armed to the teeth, and suitably suited and booted, your character must smash through doors and deal violently with enemies.

During the video, which is just under thee minutes long, people run, blasts go off, things blow up, and dogs jump up and grab hold of people in helicopters. This isn't Candy Crush.

It looks like there will be a wide array of weapons and fighting methods at your disposal, and in one scene a soldier throws a fire extinguisher into a pack before shooting it and exploding it. We get an idea of a storyline, something like the Waltons we imagine, and are told that the family comes into the game's worldview.

"A man who truly loves his country doesn't just give his life," we are told, "He gives his sons." This is a biblical reference, but it looks like Infinity Ward left "turn the other cheek" at the door and underlined the "an eye for an eye" bit instead. µ


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