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Dancing will not necessarily get you a job at Currys

It will earn you sympathy though
Mon Sep 09 2013, 14:45

A POOR CHAP has suffered humiliation at the hands of interviewers and been forced to dance like a performing monkey.

Alan Bacon, 21, was keen for a role in high street and industrial park man cave Currys, and prepared well in advance for his interview, going so far as to learn about the company.

All of that was a total waste of time though, as whoever was interviewing him thought it was wise, funny, or appropriate to make him dance to a Daft Punk song that wasn't Get Lucky.

Bacon wasn't prepared for a dance off, he wasn't prepping for a job at a dance studio, and said that it was a bad experience.

"I spent the week preparing for it. The original phone call I got was that I would have five minutes to talk to the interviewers about one of my hobbies. I thought fair enough, it's a bit unusual. One of my hobbies happens to be taking pictures of astronomical objects through a telescope so I went out and got those pictures printed off, nice big pictures, and I thought I'll talk them through this," he told BBC Radio 4.

"My heart immediately sank because I knew that all the effort I had put in to trying to learn the brand, what kind of gadgets they were selling... no, the first thing they asked us to do was to split up into two groups and awkwardly dance with each other for them."

Bacon endured the dance though, and finally got a chance to actually have some sort of interview.

He did not get the job and was told that he would not fit in with the team in a phone call a couple of hours later.

His loss was probably no one's gain. We expect that Currys, which part of the Dixons retail group, is wishing that this never happened. It has said that it is not policy to make people dance for a job that involves selling keyboards.

"We are extremely disappointed that one of the management team at the store in question did not follow our official recruitment processes on this specific occasion - formal processes that ensure we attract, inspire and retain the right sort of people," said a spokesperson for the impromptu dance school.

"We are investigating the store member who held the recruitment session. We are extremely sorry to those interviewees impacted; all are being asked to attend another interview where they will be given a proper opportunity to demonstrate how they can contribute to our business." µ


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