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Simcity for Mac stutters on release

All should be fixed now
Mon Sep 02 2013, 13:58
Sim City 4

GAMES HOUSE Electronic Arts (EA) has had to face up to a messy launch of Simcity for Mac.

The firm has already endured a lacklustre launch on the PC. According to users who bought the Mac alternative that launched last week, EA learned very few lessons.

Things started well enough. EA trailed its incoming title through its Twitter page and gave expectant Mac mayors a countdown to release.

Unfortunately it followed the release message with one acknowledging that there were some problems.

"We're aware some our Mac mayors are experiencing a few bumps in the road," it said, shortly after opening its doors to players.

In a blog post, senior producer Kip Katsarelis said that the Mac release was the result of hard work and would benefit from the seven updates that the latest version enjoys.

Users soon began reporting problems though, and EA has already provided information for anyone that wants to make the most of the Mac's Retina display.

It warned that this feature has been disabled for performance reasons, but acknowledged that some people might want to endure it anyway.

"Please note, this is an unsupported command, adjusting your resolution settings may cause some adverse effects with performance such as out of memory warnings or instability during gameplay," it said. "By modifying this setting you are accepting the possibility of performance related issues."

Forum comments made by Mac users see many chiming in with reports of problems and resulting frustration. Many are annoyed that they have waited almost six months for a release only to have found it borked.

Often repeated is the phrase "mutexalert", which appears to be the most common problem. "I have the same problem as well," said one user. "Having waited for so long, they still don't want some of us to play the game yet..."

EA learned to be contrite when it launched Simcity on the PC. That was more or less of a flop and the firm had to reward disgruntled mayors with a free game. At least one real head rolled as a result. µ


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