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Apple is doomed without Steve Jobs, says Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Also calls Google CEO Larry Page 'evil'
Tue Aug 13 2013, 15:50
Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison

ORACLE CEO Larry Ellison doesn't often have many nice things to say, and it seems that today isn't any different.

In an interview set to be broadcast on CBS on Tuesday, Ellison spoke about the late Steve Jobs, saying that Apple doesn't stand a chance without him.

As reported by the LA Times, when quizzed by CBS interviewer Charlie Rose about Steve Jobs, and why he holds the opinion that the late Apple CEO was so great, Ellison responded, "He was - he was brilliant. I mean, our Edison. He was our Picasso. He was an incredible inventor."

Rose then asked, "What happens to Apple without Steve?" Ellison responded, "Well, we already know."

"We saw -- we conducted the experiment," Ellison continued, "I mean, it's been done."

"We saw Apple with Steve Jobs, we saw Apple without Steve Jobs, we saw Apple with Steve Jobs," Ellison said, raising a finger, lowering it and then raising it again. "Now, we're gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs," Ellison concluded, pointing his finger down to hint that Apple's future won't be bright without its late CEO at the helm.

Following Ellison's apparent insights into the future of Apple, he went on to talk about Google, revealing that he's not a fan of Google CEO Larry Page.

"I think most of - the only problem - guys I have trouble with are the Google guys," Ellison said, adding that he and Page do not get on.

When questioned as to why, Ellison said, "Cause - he makes the decisions over there. He run- he runs that company. No one else runs that company. And they decided - let me very clear. They - when you program - when you write a program for the Android phone, you write it. You - you use the Oracle tool - Oracle Java tools for everything. And at the very end, you press a button and say, 'Convert this to Android format.' We don't compete with Google."

"We don't do anything Google does. We - we just think they took our stuff and - and that was - and that was wrong. That's a completely separate issue."

Then Ellison added that he thinks the way Page acted was "evil". µ


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