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Apple refunds kid’s £4,000 horse addiction

Not entirely expected
Mon Jul 22 2013, 12:20

WALLED GARDEN OF GAMES AND APPS Apple has refunded the £4,000 that an eight year old girl spent on in-app crap.

We met the horse girl last week, along with her father who had no idea that money was being thrown away on tat by a child that had his password, but no comprehension of what money is or what things cost.

The result of this unfortunate combination was a £4,000 bill run up over several weeks.

Poor dad Lee Neale threw himself on Apple's mercy and asked it not to take the money. Initially, he said, it would not relent and he turned to the newspapers with his story about how evil apps are and how people should be made aware of the fact that some of them cost money.

Of course the sort of games discussed all say that they involve money at some point, and Apple has to regularly remind people that they should not leave expensive digital spending boxes in the hands of little people.

That sort of thing still goes on though, and we keep hearing the sad tales of woe. "Lily is only eight and hasn't grasped the concept of money. She probably wouldn't know how much a bag of crisps costs," said Neale.

"I was very surprised how dismissive Apple were. This was an eight-year-old girl. Basically iTunes have told me categorically that I won't be getting my money back. I am also disappointed that my bank didn't alert me to what was going on."

Apple can't have been dismissive in the end, since it has refunded the money. "Apple called me to say they will be refunding the money I have lost and apologised for closing my case so early. It really has saved my bacon," he told the Sun.

"Lily had used the password she'd seen me enter to download the games. She is only eight years old. Even when I sat her down and explained that what she was doing had cost dad money, I still don't think she really understood. These in-app purchases are terrible and people need to be aware." µ


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