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Kim Dotcom faces an extradition hearing delay

Pushed back to April 2014
Tue Jun 11 2013, 12:38
Kim Dotcom Megaupload

CLOUD STORAGE ENTREPRENEUR Kim Dotcom has seen the date for his extradition hearing pushed back to April of next year.

Originally Dotcom was scheduled to have his extradition hearing in March, then it was August, and now it won't be held until next spring.

Dotcom, who has chalked up a number of successes against the prosecution, is confident that the attempt at extradition will fail.

He has remained confident throughout the 18 month ordeal, but in a tweeted message he said that the shutdown of Megaupload and the raid on the business cost a lot of people jobs and trouble.

Earlier this month he proudly announced that he had gained access to the evidence that the Keystone Kops raid on him produced.

He tweeted, "High Court: FBI has to return hard drives unlawfully removed from New Zealand + NZ Police has to return my data," he tweeted. "Chief High Court Judge rules in our case: 'A miscarriage of justice did result'".

Dotcom appears to be one of the few people doing well out of the PRISM scandal and he said that since the story broke subscriptions to the Mega service have increased.

Mega, which is based in New Zealand, apparently is beyond the reach of PRISM, an Orwellian fantasy system used by the US NSA with the assistance of a fleet of internet technology firms.

Dotcom has offered himself as a potential leader for an alternative internet network that would stop people from having to use firms like Google.

"I ask the European Parliament to come up with an incentive program / funding for a EU search engine to compete with Google," he said last weekend. µ


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