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Sony paws over Watch Dogs ahead of PS4, Xbox release

Down boy
Fri May 10 2013, 15:55

GAMING FIRM Sony has been having a go on the forthcoming Watchdogs title, and boy is it excited about it.

The firm is in raptures over the city-hacker game and has pored, or pawed if you like terrible puns, over its features in a detailed and lengthy blog post.

Watch Dogs, for those of you who have not been paying attention, is a massive walk around game where you take control of a chap who can hack into the city of Chicago's IT infrastructure. There is a taste of this in Sleeping Dogs from last year, but Watch Dogs takes it much farther.

"Thanks to Chicago's Central Operating System (ctOS), the city's expansive (and invasive) technology is constantly at your fingertips. Take control of a nearby security camera to map out the positions of guards in a well-fortified area, raise a garage door or forklift to confuse and distract your would-be enemies, or - if you're in particularly dire straits - tamper with the traffic grid and cause a multi-car pileup," said Sony in its breathless blog post.

"These aren't scripted scenarios, but dynamic and occasionally unpredictable events that can change the course of an escape in a nanosecond."

In playing the game you take control of a chap called Aiden Pierce, a man whose moral compass spins all over the place.

There is plenty of room for mischief and mayhem, and the title sounds like a time grabbing, sprawling, exciting waste of time with appeal for anyone that has ever wanted to take control of a city.

"Aiden is no sedentary computer geek - he's quite capable of dispatching his enemies using lethal and nonlethal force," added Sony.

"The stealthier player will value misdirection and surveillance, using remote cameras to tag and monitor enemy positions while skirting past trouble. Brute-force players will have a wide range of armaments to choose from, but you'll want to keep civilian casualties in check lest your reputation suffer."

The game is coming out for the Xbox, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PCs, and will be released on 22 November this year. µ


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