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Psy breaks world record for Youtube views with Gentleman

38 million views in 24 hours
Thu Apr 25 2013, 15:02

KOREAN POP MONSTER Psy has followed up his chart dominating Gangnam Style with a Guinness world record for most plays on Youtube in 24 hours.

You might have heard Psy's Gangnam Style. A lot of people have. It holds the record for the most views on Youtube ever.

The follow up tune Gentleman has started it Youtube career well, earning a Guinness record for the most number of plays in 24 hours.

"Proving that 'Gangnam Style' was far from a one-hit-wonder, South Korean sensation Psy has secured another Guinness World Records title with his follow-up single 'Gentleman', which is the Most viewed video online in 24 hours," said a statement from the record keepers.

"The new music video received 38,409,306 views on Youtube within it's first 24 hours on April 14th 2013, and at time time of writing 11 days later, has been seen more than 222,867,915 times."

We've had to watch it of course, for research purposes. We don't want to say too much about it, but we probably won't be listening to it again.

It has a similar sound to the previous song, but - presumably in a nod to Psy's international success - some liberal use of English. "Damn girl, you're so freaky sexy" is one phrase we picked out.

While Gangnam Style was a slow burner, Gentleman is anything but. "The success of 'Gentleman' is more immediate than that of it's predecessor, though - reaching 100 million views in barely four days, compared to the almost two months it took 'Gangnam Style' to cross the same threshold," explained Guinness.

As of today Gangnam Style has had 1,556,703,290 views. µ


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