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Google Glass wearers could be banned from driving

Like talking on mobile phones and texting
Mon Mar 25 2013, 16:08
Car crash

HIP AND TRENDY EARLY ADOPTERS might have to take off their Google Glass eyewear when they pick up their car keys, as there is a good chance that the two will not mix.

We've considered this in the office. What could possibly go wrong? Will wearers look so ridiculous that they will distract other drivers? Or maybe the glasses might confuse the wearer? We went for the self-distraction potential. As it turns out, we were right.

Gary Howell, a Republican member of the West Virginia state legislature, has introduced an extension to a bill that says Google Glass wearers should be treated the same way as people who text and drive at the same time.

What Howell wants to do is cover Google Glass under existing driving laws, which already prohibit the use of electronic toys that aren't hands-free while driving.

"Using a wearable computer with head mounted display", is the text that now appears in the revised legislation, followed by the explanation that this means, "A computing device which is worn on the head and projects visual information into the field of vision of the wearer."

Google's own promotional video for Glass shows someone operating a hot air balloon and flying a plane while visual information is projected into the field of vision of the driver. It also shows someone in a car using the system, but it appears that they are the passenger.

We have asked Google to comment. µ


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