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The INQUIRER marks Youtube's one billion milestone with best video roundup

Expect dancing dogs and singing cats
Thu Mar 21 2013, 13:45

GOOGLE OWNED Youtube announced on Thursday that it now has a whopping one billion monthly viewers.

Maths fans might be interested to know that this means one out of every two people online visits Youtube every month, and that if Youtube was a country, it would be the third largest in the world.

We saw Youtube's announcement, and here at The INQUIRER we took it as an opportunity to bring you our favourite videos. Prepare yourself for dancing dogs, singing cats and Bill Gates jumping over a chair. Yep.

Madeline Bennett
Boo is a true online sensation, who shows just how much powerful the web can be at creating a craze. A pomerian that had a mishap at the barbers, the hairless mini pooch has millions of fans on Facebook, while 12.5 million people have taken the time to watch him just being generally cute in this short clip.

Game of Thrones and online cats? Both already have cult followings, and Herbert Costa was quick to realise this when deciding on where to focus his next YouTube video-making efforts. And HBO gets some free viral marketing thrown in, with the resulting video racking up 2.5 million hits. After three everyone: Meow meow, mew mew meow meow…

Carly Page 
This woman pulling faces on Photobooth never fails to make me cry with laughter, almost as much as she does in the video. You might have just found out how much the Blackberry Q10 costs and still manage to have a chuckle. Yep, it's that good. 

We couldn't give you an article about Youtube without one (OK, maybe two) singing cat videos. This wonderful mashup is a cat original, and will no doubt get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You have been warned.

Lee Bell
Jenny the Pug pushes a stroller around a park in Portand, Oregon, taking her progeny out for a fun day of splashing about in a water feature and chasing pigeons in the fresh air.

As Jenny takes a moment to look out across the green fields and take in her picturesque surroundings, it’s hard not to connect with the apparent unconditional love she has for her cotton-stuffed offspring, which is evident in her drooping chops dripping with drool.

With over as million views, this Youtube video proves that even in a 21st century saturated with technology, a dog walking on two legs will never fail to cause a sensation.

Dramatic look is a brilliant example of how society would love to believe that animals express their emotions as us humans do. The video features a ground hog, which, out of nowhere turns around with the most intense look you will have ever seen.

Better still are the endless number of “dramatic look” spin off videos that have popped up since its arrival on Youtube, featuring the same penetrating sound effect, but featuring Lamas, cats, sheep and fish. With 37million views, it’s clear we all like the idea that animals can be as shocked as we can.

Dave Neal
Everyone loves a cat video, so here’s one for the dog video lovers.This dog, known only as Hot Salsa Dog, lives up to his name by performing what can only be described as some hot salsa dancing.

To be fair, he probably just wants to come in and eat someone’s slipper. But his moves and the music make this a winner.

You don’t often get the chance to interview Bill Gates, not now and not when he was in charge of Microsoft. Kudos to this interviewer from 1994 then who, granted access to the great man, asked him the question we all wanted to know, “Is it true you can jump over a chair?”

Well, whaddya know? Bill Gates can leap over a chair. He’s bashful at first, saying that it depends on the size of the chair, but before you know it he is up and gracefully hopping over an average sized arse rest like a majestic frog. You can bet that Steve Ballmer can’t hop over chairs, he just throws them.

Dan Worth 
Not only does this show a young Jimmy Page before his Led Zeppelin days, it also features the most brilliantly weird interviewer even seen on television. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

While this is a radio clip hosted on YouTube, it is possibly the funniest moment in radio history. All together now, "he just scored so many goalllls..."

Alastair Stevenson
Everyone knows the story of David and Golliath, where a small boy manages to bring down a fearsome giant with nothing more than a slingshot and a pebble.

In this video David is a monkey and the Tiger is the giant, we're still impressed by the brave simian and his abililty to reduce his feline adversary to tears.

Being avid tech heads we're huge fans of all things Star Wars. So when we saw a choir of dogs singing the SciFi classic's theme, we almost had puppies. µ


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