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Chinese military denies hacking allegations

Says not us, please go away
Thu Feb 21 2013, 12:33
China flag

THE GLORIOUS Chinese army has reacted to allegations that it has been attacking many western companies as well as high profile news organisations and social networking services.

This month we have been awash with lurid tales of Chinese hacks and Chinese hackers, so it was only a matter of time before the country reacted to a recent report from security firm Mandiant.

At a press conference yesterday at China's Department of Defense, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng told attendees that hacking was frowned upon in China and that the Chinese army has never supported any hacking.

The Mandiant report, however, traces a number of hacking attacks back to a group in China, and descibes the group as government sponsored and "one of the most persistent of China's cyber threat actors".

China said that this might be the case, but it is neither its fault nor its problem. "As we all know, hacker attacks almost every day in the event of theft of IP addresses, it is common practice online, this is a common sense problems. Secondly, the international network attacks has not been clear and consistent definition, the report alone daily collection of online behavior on subjective inference network spy action, the lack of legal basis," it said in a statement.

"Third, cyber attacks have transnational anonymity and deceptive attack the source of great uncertainty, irresponsible to publish information, and is not conducive to problem solve."

China said that it too is attacked, often by the USA, but keeps those problems to itself and never accuses the country of under-handedness. "Every country should be dealt with in a professional and responsible attitude towards the issue of network security," it added.

Mandiant's report accused China of a series of prolonged attacks, or, as Dan McWhorter, MD of Mandiant Threat Intelligence put it, "economic espionage conducted since 2006 against 141 victims across multiple industries".

It said that the hacking group APT1 has been responsible for the theft of hundreds of  terabytes of data from western companies and organisations over a number of years. µ


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