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Star Wars Death Star gets a Kickstarter project

Public demands that the Empire build a Death Star
Wed Feb 06 2013, 11:05
Star Wars Storm Troopers

A PROJECT has been created on Kickstarter to build an open source Death Star.

The campaign comes following the US government's refusal to build a Star Wars style Death Star despite calls by the public to do so. To build the Death Star the project creators are looking to raise £20,000,000 over the next 54 days. Donors who donate more than £10 will also get a droid named after them.

"In November 2012 the people asked for a Death Star. The government said NO! In light of continuing threats we should build it ourselves," wrote the campaign creators on the project's Kickstarter page.

Last month, the taxpaying public of America demanded that the Obama administration build a Death Star. But the administration declined the idea, citing the excessive expense involved in building a destroyer of planets.

However, Joe public is not so easily dissuaded. Following the rejection a Kickstarter project was started to build an open source Death Star. However open source might be a bad idea, obviously, as the blueprints for the Death Star must never land in the hands of the rebels.

The Kickstarter project has the modest goal of £20,000,000. However, its stretch goal is £543,000,000,000,000,000, or £543 quadrillion, a goal that even the project's backers admit it will never reach.

"The main challenge is assuring Kickstarter that this is a joke and not a serious project. As proof, the goal has been set high enough to make successful funding almost impossible," said the campaigners on their Kickstarter webpage.

We're glad the project is only almost, and not completely impossible as we're fully backing the Death Star development. Now we just need the Sultan of Brunei and Warren Buffet to get their credit cards out. µ


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